Thursday, 1 January 2009

TV Media - They Would Never Lie To Us Right?

Think again!


Google Charles Jaco!

Now, the typical idiotic denial reaction applied on this: "This isn't fake! Why would they fake it? Wouldn't be easier to make real news on real places instead of faking them?"

Watch the complete versions here and here

Or watch below

The background was actually the wall from the Dhahran International Hotel. They built a wooden studio around it and illuminated everything, giving it this fake background look. It was like their own daily TV Show set with all the commodities needed.

"the Dhahran International Hotel served as our base from August of 1990 to June of 1991. Overnight this self proclaimed Businessmans hotel sitting off a runway at the Dhahran International Airport became the information brain center for the international media, governments, and military in the first Gulf War" see here

The MSM, the governments and the military having a common brain center? Does this means the MSM was part of the team?

And don't forget that the first Gulf War (1991) was "the event that put CNN indelibly on the map, not only in the U.S. but around the world

So it seams that audiences was one of the main goals along with fear and warmongering. So why not simply stage exaggerated news? After all, people love "reality" shows, don't they?

Still not convinced?
Then pay attention to:

At Minute 2:14 you can hear someone from the backstage whispering "...he's so convincing..." and then someone else laughing.

At Minute 4:19 you can see why you can hear them.

(The crew had mics and were laughing when Charles was acting like he smelled something. It was all a big joke to them)

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