Thursday, 1 January 2009

500,000 Coffins/Vaults. On FEMA Land?

Before I start yakking, bear in mind, this is not an "absolute" I am not 100% sure, and I am not saying this is fact, what I am saying is..... It's an avenue that needs attention.

So today I am browsing Google Earth, I type in

* FEMA Camps

* Clicked on "User Created Content"

And I had a good old browse. There are massive processing complexes, Detention facilities, So many different ones/types.

What I noticed was how similar the layouts, plots of land, buildings, etc looked to the plots of land where the Polyguard Coffins are situated in.

I also kept in mind the fact that after all the phone calls to companies surrounding the Madison Plot in Georgia, no-one could seem to find out who owned the plot of land. I have heard nothing in regards to the Ennis & Afton locations.

Musselwhite who took the original pictures in Madison back in 2002 says:

"This particular location was sold by a local whom would not divulge the purchasers. I intended to research Superior Court Records but never got around to doing so.

I did email these pictures to Freedom Radio up North and was told they were FEMA body containers in preparation of possible biological attack.

* Afton, Wyoming - 42.750018, -110.936857

* Madison, Georgia - 33°33'57.36"N 83°29'6.26"W

* Ennis, Texas - 32.320277, -96.608030 - Please use Yahoo Maps for this one - Higher Quality.

I have taken some screenshots, but I would like all of you! my go to Google Earth and "Pull the magic out of your ass" and compare the locations. Or go watch some of the FEMA Camp Video's first then the Madison, GA Video's

Ok so let's start with Ennis in Texas - And the screenshot - Please Click On The Images To See The Full-Size.

Most FEMA concentration Camps are said to be situated (and from what I have seen to be true) near railway lines.

In Ennis, Texas - The Coffin plot seems to be situated next to one.

Ennis, TX again

The Entire Location Of Ennis Texas.

This Is The Satellite Image Of The Rail Tracks Next To The Complex.

Here Is A FEMA Camp In Florida - Camp Krone.

Let me know what you find out guys: (as always you will get full credit or you can opt to stay anonymous)

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Anonymous said...

Please provide evidence that these are 'concentration camps'

Anonymous said...

what else would a building with several layers of barbed wire fencing (facing in not out), and huge furnaces be for?

Anonymous said...

Kill all zionists-freemasons ! If not, they will kill you !!!

Anonymous said...

zionism-freemasonry = Satanism

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