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Alex Jones - Zionism, Scientology, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Connected?

Watcher says:

I've been listening to Alex Jones on and off for 2+ years now, have seen most of his videos, and have even passed hundreds of free copies off to people who i thought would be interested.. To me, the bah-bah mentality comes from blindly believing anybody, including Alex Jones...

If Capitalism and pseudo-Christianity equates to Patriotism, than i agree that Alex Jones is a true American pay-triot..

His 911 info is worth sharing with other people who don't believe in "conspiracies", but when it comes right down to it he leaves just as much out of the bigger picture as Michael Moore did. Such as the Zionist/Israeli involvement, the Vatican/Jesuit involvement, and other corporate/Hollywood elements, of which Jones himself works for..

Jones is a member of a society called "The Remnant Saints" whose motto is "So the Remnant might remain and establish Zion"..


Alex Jones, Honorary Founding Member of RSICC
Approved December 24, 2001


These individuals have accepted their nomination to serve as founding members of Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress.

Albert V. Burns of the John Birch Society

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz of

J.J. Johnson of

Alex Jones of

Richard Mack of Sheriff Mack

Geoff Metcalf, WND Radio Host

David John Oates of

Cathy O'Brien of TranceFormation of America

Mark Phillips of TranceFormation of America

The Patriot Saints is the sister organization and it's motto is "For the Kingdom of Zion on Earth". Laws In Zion



Aug. 7, 2006 Memo

It has come to our attention that Alex Jones has repudiated having any membership with RSICC. He stated on an April 25, 2006 radio show (about 35-40 minutes in) that he never agreed to membership, but that he was inducted absent of his knowledge or consent..

That is not true.

I spoke with Alex by phone back in December, 2001, and he like the idea of what we were doing, and he agreed to be listed as a member. We modified his membership to "Honorary" in March, 2002, due to his lack of participation in the decision-making process. He was notified of this profile page.

I've never been contacted by Alex Jones requesting removal of this profile, or resignation from membership.

Alex obviously is making a huge impact worldwide, and probably considers this a low priority for his time. When he states that he never agreed to membership in RSICC, he probably forgot about our initial phone conversation. That's fine.

I just wish to set the record straight that we do not induct people into membership without their consent.

RSICC has been dormant for several years, due to lack of funding.

My intent in clarifying is not to paint Alex as a liar, for I am guessing it is just a matter of forgetfulness on his part. My intent is to make it clear that we did not induct Alex Jones as a member without his knowledge and without his consent.

We wish Mr. Jones continued success in the great work he is doing of informing people about what is going on in dark corners of the planet.

Sterling D. Allan
RSICC Founder.

Click On Image For Larger View

Documentation of this archive snapshot can be found at

Source: RSICC


No wonder Jones never talks about Zionist involvement or the role of Israel, he's a Christian-Zionist. He would seem to be a "rapture ready" Christian Zionist at that, who expects to be taken during the "apocalypse" and returned so he can help establish the Biblical New-Zion and New Jerusalem.

As well, why doesn't Jones go into any details about the Vatican role in the New World Order? He convienetly leaves bits and pieces out of the puzzle, and misdirects us from coming to any real conclusions about who was behind 911.

How did he "infiltrate" Bohemian Grove? It's because channel 4 in the UK which sponsored "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove", is a Zionist run network..

Just to make it clear, there IS A DIFFERENCE between the Jewish people on whole, and ZIONISTS..

It's in what Jones leaves out where I question him. There is a hugely influential role of Zionism that Jones never covers. He's only talked about Zionism in any detail 2-3 times at most over the past 2-3 years.

Doing a radio program exposing tyranny everyday, and you've made 12 documentary films, but you've never covered the influential power of Zionism/Christian-Zionism/Israel?!? He's supposedly a "Christian" who believes in prophecy and Revelation (and apparently the Rapture), but he won't cover the religious implications of Israel, and the New Jerusalem??

Hundreds and Hundreds, thousands of episodes of his show, a dozen documentary films and he's never talked about the corruption of the Vatican? About the long and secretive history of the JESUIT ORDER/SOCIETY OF JESUS, of which Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt was a member of?

There's so much more than this, Jones is just narrow minded in his information, and intentionally leaves a great deal out of the picture.

Alex Jones & The Scientology Link

"The goal of Scientology is world domination. There is no reason good enough for Alex Jones or any person opposed to the New World Order to (even indirectly) promote Scientology."

Alex Jones has promoted SCIENTOLOGY authors on his show before, in particular Dr. Breeding, who has appeared multiple times. Jones was even selling Breeding's book on the front page of Prison Planet. PRISON PLANET itself is a Scientology term coined by founder L. Ron Hubbbard in the 1950's, and used multiple times in relation to how the earth was a Prison Planet taken over by a race of aliens using us as slaves.

Yet, when Alex Jones was asked in an interview a few months back if he was involved in Scientology, he claimed that he didn't know any Scientologists and had never promoted them in the past..

This was a lie, as Alex Jones has had Scientologist Dr. Breeding on his program numerous times, even selling his book on the front page of Jones' websites

"The goal of Scientology is world domination. There is no reason good enough for Alex Jones or any person opposed to the New World Order to (even indirectly) promote Scientology." Are you getting it yet?!!!


"Radio broadcaster Alex Jones promotes Dr. John Breeding on his and websites and sells two of his books. Dr. Breeding is a Scientology-endorsed psychologist who warns about the dangers of Ritalin and other dangerous drugs that are being forced on children today, and offers alternatives. The alternatives spring forth from Scientology and are spiritually dangerous.

Dr. Breeding is definitely affiliated with Scientology, which has enormous influence in the New World Order network. Breeding quotes Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in his book, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses and his website links to the Scientology front group, Citizens' Commission on Human Rights. Indeed, Dr. Breeding calls this powerful force for Scientology "an awesome organization."

(Quote source: Stars Shine For Human Rights Freedom Magazine) (1) They in turn sell his books and have given him at least one prestigious award. Scientology's Freedom Magazine website (2) features an article written by Dr. John Breeding."


Alex Jones Continues to Promote Breeding.

Source: Promotes Scientology.

The Church of Scientology of Texas is located in Austin Texas, which is also the home of radio broadcaster Alex Jones and Dr. John Breeding. It is impossible for Alex Jones to be unaware of the fact that Austin Texas is a Scientology stronghold.

Alex Jones has not advised his listeners that Scientology is a player in the New World Order network and has failed to warn his listeners that this NWO organization takes up causes that the public identifies with—such as the fight against the outrageous abuses of the psychiatric profession—in order to recruit members. [update: Alex not only fails to warn about Scientology's recruiting methods, he is using his website in order to help them do it. Prison Planet Plugs Tom Cruise

Alex Jones is continuing to use his position to advance Dr. John Breeding's influence by hosting him on his radio broadcast and selling Breeding's books. Alex does this without bothering to disclaim Breeding's Scientology associations. The most recent Alex Jones/Dr. John Breeding interview that I am aware of was conducted on Monday, May 23, 2005. (8)

While we agree that it is needful to expose and oppose the psychiatric practices of labeling and forcibly drugging schoolchildren, we have noticed that Alex Jones does not voice any disapproval of Dr. Breedings' admiration for the Scientology organization, Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, (9) (he accepted an award from them!) or warn his listeners that his Texans For Safe Education organization is probably affiliated with Scientology.

Dr. Breeding commended the Scientology group, "The Texas Citizens Commission on Human Rights" on his Texans For Safe Education website:

The Texas Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been especially active and effective in the legislature, and has established many good relationships there. (10)

(Quote source: Texans For Safe Education)

Alex Jones' failure to disclaim Breeding's Scientology affiliation is disturbing because Scientology is the workhorse of the New World Order network.

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

Does Alex Jones Have to Promote Scientology-affiliated individuals on his website in order to Expose President Bush's Plan To Psychologically Test Every Child? (11) NO.

It is outrageous that Alex Jones is promoting Dr. John Breeding, a Scientology-affiliated psychologist and profiting from this serious compromise. Alex's and websites are viewed by people who expect to be FULLY warned about the globalist agenda and deserve to be informed about this spiritually dangerous New World Order "church" that is committed to mind control. Alex Jones will not speak out against Scientology and reveal that they are major players in the NWO network.

WHY? And why is Alex Jones hosting archived footage of Tom Cruise recruiting for Scientology on his website?

And, in a strange twist of fate, Alex Jones is also the name of the head of Public Relations for Scientology in the United States. Maybe it's only a coincidence, but considering other evidence, it's rather odd..

Alex Jones: head of PR for Scientology

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