Saturday, 17 January 2009

US Airways Crash Caught On Camera - Hudson River..

Notice the twin towers (Not The WTC) in the background , very symbolic, funny coincidence huh?

US Airways AWE1549 Airbus A320 landing on the Hudson River and subsequent rescue efforts. Watch ...

Video courtesy of Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service (Supposedly)

Man records US Airways Flight 1549 minutes before crash

New video of US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing into the Hudson River

Picture From The BBC - Crane

I believe this whole situation was either

A: A failed Assassination Attempt

B: A Staged Event (Chances of Two Birds Taking Out Both Engines Minutes Apart?)

C: The Video Above May Be Faked (Looking Into This) TV Fakery Think It Can't Happen? Think Again:

Charles Jaco CNN 17 Years Ago - Gulf War

Proof No Planes Hit The WTC 911

Iran Missiles Photoshopped

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