Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Phonecall To Vantage RE: 500,000 Coffin Liners.

I telephoned Vantage Products, to find out if the Coffins in Madison GA belonged to them.

Polyguard who the Veterans Affairs Dept did business with in buying Thermoplastic Vaults, said the vaults in Madison belonged to another competitor company in the same area.

Well Vantage Products is a 32 min drive from the Madison Vaults.

So I phoned them.

Here is PolyGuard's Email pertaining to the competitor.

Polyguard and Co.
Afton, WY 83110

RE: and all other paranoid sites!!!

To Whom this May Concern:

As you all know, death is one of those issues that we all fear yet we all will go through it at some time in our life and we have most all experienced a loved one passing away. In fact there is as average of 2.5 million deaths occurring each year. Some are cremated and some are buried. Most burials require an outside burial container to go around the casket to keep the ground from settling and the aesthetics of the cemetery beautiful with the least amount of maintenance needed. Until about 30 years or so ago, the only outside burial containers available were Concrete or wooden boxes. Because of modern technology, there are now other alternatives to concrete such as fiberglass and polymers (plastic).

I am not sure how Polyguard became associated with the burial vaults that are stored in Georgia. Those vaults are manufactured by our competitors in Georgia. However, the Manufacturers own the property they are stored on and there is no big secret surrounding the vaults. Because of manufacturing costs and the ability to manufacture 2 parts probably every 2 – 5 minutes, once the process begins, to be cost effective you manufacture until your raw products are gone. This creates inventory that can be rotated and used as needed.

In the funeral service industry, there is a program called “pre-need” which allows families to go to a funeral home or cemetery and pre-pay for their funeral merchandise and services. I would guess that most of these vaults have been pre-sold and they are meeting the requirement of the storage program set forth by the manufacturing company and the Federal Trade Commission who governs funeral service. Because we do not own the vaults and are not the manufacturers of the vaults, I cannot tell you those numbers for sure.

Many of you keep referencing a patent for a cremation container. This product never even made it to the market as far as I know. If it did, it is not the same product that is being stored at the manufacturers storage facility in Georgia. DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO ITEMS!!!!

If this information does not help ease your mind, you are welcome to call us.

Debbie Sainz
Polyguard & Co., LLC

My Phone call to Vantage Products

I spoke to a very polite lady , I asked if I could speak to someone about their Vaults and products, She informed me that I would need to speak to one of the owners of the company but they were giving a tour to children and the general public so it wasn't possible for me to talk to them but she could ask them to call me back:

I not being satisfied with that asked her the question instead:

This was the last part of the phonecall, (I should of recorded it)

Me: Well I wonder if you can help me with this? or know the answer to my question?

Receptionist: Sure Ma'am

Me: I was wondering if Vantage Products have any other locations in which their products (caskets mainly) are stored? or is it just in Covington?

Receptionist: hmm, ahh, im going to put you through to someone else and you can leave a message on their machine.

From her demeanor at the beginning of the phone call to how she reacted to my question , I got the impression she was trying to get me off the phone.

Suffice to say I didn't leave a message on the answerphone , but if anyone else can call back, please do it because Polyguard has stated in an email that the vaults located in Georgia are not theirs but Vantage Products stock.

Telephone Vantage Here: - 770-788-0136

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