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Rick Warren Urges Followers To Emulate Hitler Youth

Whatever it Takes? = "'By Any Means Necessary'?

Please see this post on Obama & his ritualistic inauguration here

Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. The church grounds and complex is designed like a theme park and has a budget of 90 million dollars per year. The church features psychedelic rock concerts with music that would rival Jimi Hendrix, “K.I.S.S.”, and the “Grateful Dead.” In fact, Rick Warren admitted that one of his dreams was to become a rock star. In an interview for network television, Rick Warren freely admitted that he never preaches against homosexuality or abortion. He stated that he believes abortion is wrong, but he would never say it from the pulpit. Warren considers himself to be a marketer, salesman, and preacher. He says that we must always accentuate the positive and that worship should be fun. Rick Warren has been known to rub elbows with high-level politicians, such as President George W. Bush, and has become a multi-millionaire through his various efforts and enterprises. The Purpose Driven Life book has sold 20 million copies generating $400 million in sales. He also teaches his thousands of church members to give ten percent of their gross income.

A Purpose Driven Life?

On page 181, we find Warren using an analogy that every Freemason would recognize as pure Masonic doctrine regarding alignment with the “sacred East.” Warren writes, “Imagine riding in a speedboat on a lake with an automatic pilot set to go east. If you decide to reverse and head west, you have two possible ways to change the direction. One way is to grab the steering wheel and physically force it to head in the opposite direction from where the autopilot is programmed to go. By sheer willpower you could overcome the autopilot, but you would feel constant resistance. Your arms would eventually tire of the stress, you’d let go of the steering wheel, and the boat would instantly head back east, the way it was internally programmed.”

On page 267, Warren says, “God uses money to test your faithfulness as a servant. That is why Jesus talked more about money than he did about either heaven or hell.” Positively false! Warren also believes we can alter the appointed day of our Lord’s return. On page 286 he says, “If you want Jesus to come back sooner, focus on fulfilling your mission, not figuring out prophecy.” To top it off, Warren says on page 300 of his book, “Shift from local thinking to global thinking. God is a global God.”

Obamas Inauguration & Rick Warren

We must also bear in mind that the word inauguarate comes from the ancient Latin language of the old Roman Empire. In ancient Rome there were soothsayers called augurs who were invested with evil spirits and could supposedly declare the future. From the word augur came the word inaugurate, which literally means to take omens. In European nations the monarchs and heads of nations were always crowned by some kind of religious leader such as the Pope, a Cardinal, the Archbishop of Canterbury, or another religious official. That way, the impression was given that none would dare question the authority of the "crowned one", because the crown was placed by a supposed representative of God.

Obama has chosen his so-called "holy man" to do the job. It is the immensely popular Rick Warren, the pastor of a mega church and author of the book A Purpose-Driven Life. Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the Illuminati in the United States. Warren also admitted in an interview that he loves hard rock music. Although Warren claims to be "anti-gay" and "pro-life", it is all a front because Obama is very pro-gay rights and pro-abortion. Why would Warren support him if he had true convictions on these issues? This is the man who was handpicked by Obama to be the officiating "holy man" as he takes omens and heads for the Oval Office!

Obamas Hitler Youth

Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment

What struck me the most is this video below - it shows these young impressionable men chanting "Alpha Omega" as they came in the door. Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, - "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." REV 22:13 ------ NOT Barack Obama........

I don't know about you but I noticed a lot of masonic hand and arm signals throughout the videos above

Obama's Change

The hit song called "Aquarius" by the Fifth Dimension told the entire story of the day that would come that would bring change for a thousand years. Adolph Hitler also claimed that the Third Reich would last for a thousand years. Officially, it lasted only thirteen years and ended on the eve of Beltaine, the druid witches' New Year sabat.

On November 27th, 2008, Barack Obama was asked the question regarding the vision for change and where the change would be. Obama quickly stated, "I am the change, the change comes from me." We are made to wonder who this strange one is, and what is his real agenda? According to Islamic tradition, there was an Islamic Imam who was the Prophet Mohammed's cousin and son-in-law. His name was Ali Ibn Abi-Talib. This man gave the following prophecy: "At the end of times, and just before the return of the Mahdi, a tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West; commanding the strongest army on earth. The new ruler in the West will carry a clear sign from the third Imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali ." (14) Strangely enough, the name Obama in the Persian language means "He is with us."

The simple word change has no guarantee of good contained in the six letters that make up the word. At face value it simply means: give me anything other than what I now have. A study of history will quickly reveal that Adolf Hitler and others of his ilk who were first elected to office and shortly after became dictators were also first elected to office on a campaign of one word and that word was change.

Is Rick Warren going to be the False Prophet and Obama his Antichrist? Only time will tell.....

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