Thursday, 1 January 2009

FEMA Center Built By JEDunn On College Grounds.

JEDunn Construction.

JEDunn construction huh? Nothing came up on Fedspending but then again it doesn't have to does it, but it would be nice for validities sake.

Terence P. Dunn (Grandson) became a Federal Reserve Chairman..Started building Banks and Correctional Facilities...

And Recently Granted Big Government Contracts! FEMA Camps maybe?

JEDunn - Texas Revenue/Total Co. Revenue: - $72.1M/$1600M

The Companies.

JCCC - Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre - Ministry Of Defence.

JEDunn- Construction Company - They are Indeed Connected To FEMA. Could they be doing all the work on FEMA's Concentration Camps?

Top Construction Contractors

Yep, Click On Image To Enlarge - For Those Who Don't Want To Download PDF.

Texas Revenue/Total Co. Revenue: - $72.1M/$1600M

Largest Project Under Way in 2004: - UT M.D Anderson Cancer Center- FEMA Porject Houston.

Ok I shall do some more digging around in the crap vat that is the ....government tomorrow.

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