Thursday, 1 January 2009

500,000 Coffins/Liners - Veteran Affairs Dept - Ordered Thermoplastic Grave Liners.

After some research on the Fed-Spending site I found that the government has done business with PolyGuard Vaults.

The Veterans Administration has been buying Burial Vaults from PolyGuard Vaults for years.

Go to the Fed-Spending Site

Click the Contracts tab and type in Polyguard.

Go to the year 2006.

Level of Detail: Complete (all information) setting

In the “Contract Description” fields you’ll see: THERMOPLASTIC GRAVELINERS.

Here is a screenshot! Click On Image For Larger View.

Click On Image For Larger View

Since 2000, the government contracts that went to PolyGuard were all awarded by the VA.

So, it seems to make sense that the VA would be buying these things… And here is the rest of it.

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