Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ace Backer, Ghost Plane.

Ace Baker demonstrates how the Ghostplane video was created.

He uses Apple Motion to present his findings, and states that "any high-end compositing environment could have been used on 9/11"

Ace gives us a demonstration of the compositing techniques used in the CNN "airplane" footage, and the other non-live shots.

Here are a few more demonstrations & Videos.

A demonstration of the technique used in the live 9/11 airplane composites. Article

Theory of Live 9/11 Airplane Composites

Ace concludes that No airplane crashed into either Twin Tower. He says the various videos which depict a plane entering a building, such as Naudet, CNN Ghostplane, Evan Fairbanks, Luc Courchesne, and Spiegel TV, show just that – a plane entering a wall.

They are devoid of the crash physics we would expect from an aluminum aircraft interacting with a steel and concrete structure. The plane does not twist, bend, break, explode or slow down. A certain frame of the CNN video shows no damage to the wall, after the wing of the airplane has passed through.

The composi-traitors would never attempt a live composite showing the plane entering the tower. The timing, positioning and lighting are too critical. It is currently impossible to accomplish that effect in real-time with the precision needed to avoid detection. If the explosion went off even one frame before the plane hit, that would be very difficult to explain away.

However, the live shots do not show a plane entering the tower. In fact, the live shots were cleverly composed in such a way as to make them doable. Only 2 shots showed airplane images live – Chopper 5 and Chopper 7.


Ace Baker's present objective is to offer a theory of how the live 9/11 airplane videos were accomplished, and how one of them went wrong.

He goes on to explain the Concepts and methods were created using a real -time digital effects environment such as "Avid"

To demonstrate, Ace will recreate the technique of the 9/11 composites using Adobe After Effects, because it is software that he owns.

Ace goes on to explain that After Effects is a layer-based compositor that does not operate in real time. However, the principles of compositing are exactly the same, regardless of software. He maintains that any parameters in After Effects which can be set one time, and then operate correctly without need for frame-by-frame adjustment, are parameters which will operate correctly in real-time, given a real-time environment such as Avid."

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