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CDC - Offline Generators Caused Germ Lab Outage.

When you read this, as I did, please remember that I don't take everything I read as gospel, especially pieces from the MSM, I just piece things together one piece at a time, like a puzzle, then at the end I can come to a conclusion.

However before reading this please check out the 500,000 coffins/vaults post HERE

This might not come to anything at all, but it is worth documenting it right?

Published on: 07/19/08

By Alison Young.

A critical germ lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lost power last week because the agency had taken two backup generators out of service for upgrades, CDC officials said Friday.

Their absence from a complex, centralized backup generator system created a power fluctuation when the system was activated during a July 11 power outage, causing the whole system to shut down, CDC spokesman Dave Daigle said. The problem is being fixed, he said.

The backup power failure — the second in 13 months — is the type predicted years ago by some CDC engineers. And it has heightened concerns in Congress about lab safety at the Atlanta agency, which experiments on smallpox, Ebola, anthrax and other deadly germs.
"For high containment labs, repeated power failures are repeated safety failures," said U.S. Rep. John Dingell, chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which has been investigating biolab safety nationally.

"Fortunately, there were no adverse consequences this time," Dingell (D-Mich.) said Friday. "However, the fact that these incidents continue to occur raises serious concerns about the future and highlights the fact that CDC must act now to address problems in its system."

Last week's incident began when a bird shorted out a Georgia Power transformer about 5:40 p.m., cutting off power to part of the CDC's main campus on Clifton Road. The agency's backup generation system initially came on, but quickly shut down, and power remained off for one hour and 15 minutes at four agency buildings.

Three were office buildings. But the fourth, Building 17, housed infectious disease labs, where scientists work with the H5N1 avian flu virus and other dangerous germs. Without power, the labs can't run negative airflow systems that help contain germs in Biosafety Level 3 labs, such as those in Building 17.

CDC officials have said neither workers nor the public was at risk, and that the labs have many other safety systems that don't require electricity. At the time of the outage, no work was going on with high-risk pathogens such as flu, tuberculosis, meningitis or rabies, Daigle said.

The backup generator system is being recalibrated to work with the two missing generators, Daigle said. A test is scheduled for 5 a.m. Monday. After the two generators were removed in April for "refurbishment," tests showed the system worked, Daigle said.

In June 2007, another new CDC lab tower, Building 18, lost power for about an hour after a lightning strike.

CDC construction officials had warned since 2001 against removing generators from critical lab buildings and clustering them to create a centralized system, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last summer. But agency officials have said the consensus among other experts supported the centralized system.

In a September 2002 e-mail, CDC mechanical engineer Johnnie West wrote: "I have very little confidence in the generators being able to operate as designed, due to the complexity of so many generators being connected."

In an August 2003 e-mail, West warned that linking the generators in a centralized yard created a "slim" likelihood they would work because "they are all controlled by one control system. This system hasn't worked properly since it was installed 4 years ago," he wrote.

"Even though we espouse that the laboratories are the most critical, anyone looking at the electrical system would question that."

West, who has previously declined to be interviewed, could not be reached Friday.

Daigle said that the CDC has completed a recent assessment of the reliability of its centralized backup generator system. He said the agency would soon release that information to congressional investigators.

The Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, has been examining the concerns raised by West and others as part of its probe of the safety of U.S. labs working with potential bioterrorism agents

CDC - Robbed - Inside Job?

June 12, 2007

Full Story & Source: Lorie's Blog

(Since I wrote this blog some things have changed, mysteriously the links I provided don't work anymore. So everything you read here is purely my words with no factual basis. I will try to get back with working links to this story but I am not going to guarantee it.)

On June 12 2007 the CDC once again has been robbed. 22 million dollars worth of computers and "scientific equipment" just got gone even with all the security the CDC has. Naturally they suspect it's an inside job. Who would want to steal those computers and the unnamed scientific equipment? Duh maybe terrorists? I am very interested to find out what this equipment is.

Recently we had the Andrew Speaker case which is mysterious too.The story has many twists and turns. For one how did he get through the Canadian border after the CDC supposedly told him not to go. We all know the borders are wide open so why didn't they follow-up with him and just "let" him cross several borders. His father-in-law worked at the CDC with the TB unit and now there is a law-suit because he more than likely did spread TB. There were also questions raised that it could have been an inside job.

As of now the FBI have never fully solved the Anthrax scare that was directly linked with the CDC. Somebody or several people working in the CDC are obviously corrupt individuals and eerily have the same tactics as a terrorist organization. The big connection is just starting to unfold though, the failed terrorist attacks in London all involved doctors. Questions are being asked about American doctors that could be terrorists too.

Then the "gut feeling" Micheal Chertoff announced shortly after the Speaker/CDC case and security breech reports from the CDC. It appears that the CDC's security is worse than border security. You have to be able to see that Bush is simply not that stupid of a man to allow these security breeches go on during a time of war. He thinks we are though. Lets not forget Chertoffs connections to Russia. Most importantly lets not forget who Chertoff is and the power that he could hold over the US. He controls Homeland Securty, FEMA and the CDC, and in the event of a "certain" emergency, or apparently a gut feeling, he can practically declare Martial Law. I'm starting to see a connection here.

"After I wrote this blog, I went back to double check my links and not only did I have a hard time getting back on the sites but I really started noticing there wasn't much info on the latest robbery an the CDC."


Andrew Speaker spreads TB

CDC tightens security after 9/11

CDC antrax theory

Another CDC break in

CDC missing 22 million in equipment

New Virus!

A virulent new form of a common cold virus has killed 10 people and hospitalized at least 53 since May 2006, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

The adenovirus serotype 14 virus has sickened more than 360 people in Texas, Oregon, Washington, the report said. Cases have been seen in Portland too.

One of the largest outbreaks occurred at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where 106 soldiers were infected and one died.

“Adenoviruses have been known to cause severe disease in the very young and the very old and people with medical problems,” said a coauthor, Dr. John Su, a CDC infectious diseases investigator. “What brought this to our attention is that it can cause severe respiratory diseases in otherwise healthy adults.”

Researchers did not know what caused the virus to mutate or what sparked the outbreaks.

Adenoviruses come in 51 distinct types, causing a range of illnesses that include pink eye, bronchitis and gastrointestinal problems. There is no drug specifically designed for adenovirus infections, but most infections resolve on their own.

Adenovirus 14 tends to cause colds or respiratory illnesses and can be spread by contaminated surfaces and through air in a cough or sneeze, Su said.

It caused respiratory disease among military recruits in the Netherlands in 1955 but has only been detected sporadically since.

The strain of adenovirus 14 involved in the recent outbreaks is genetically distinct from the 1955 strain, Su said.

The largest outbreaks occurred at four Air Force bases in Texas.

In addition to the cases reported at Lackland, three bases in Texas reported 220 adenovirus-14 infections between March and September.

The outbreaks at the military bases “may potentially have to do with crowding,” Su said.

Oregon identified 31 cases, and the median age of those who fell ill was 53, which is younger than the typical age for patients with severe disease, Su said. Seven people, with a median age of 64 years, died from severe pneumonia.

Washington identified four cases; one, a middle-aged patient with AIDS, died. New York reported one death in a 12-day-old infant.

The CDC report follows a study last month from the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego that found infections at military bases in California, Missouri, Illinois and Georgia in addition to Texas, starting in early 2006.

At least 37 people at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego got sick with adenovirus 14, the paper said.

The paper’s lead author, David Metzgar, a microbiologist, said his group had found evidence that the same virus has circulated in civilians in California since 2001.

Metzgar, who also contributed to the CDC report, said this new variety of adenovirus 14 might be causing severe outbreaks because people today had not been previously exposed to this strain.

“My personal feeling is it’s not particularly bad, but it’s just new,” he said. “Its newness is generating a rather wicked epidemiological profile.”

Where The Virus Has Been Reported....






New York






What The Public Are Saying:

"It's real, it's here in Portland at least, and it doesn't act like any virus I've ever suffered from before. It's scary as hell. And I expect anyone not directly affected will only hear about it when so many fall seriously ill, or die, that it can't be covered up or downplayed any longer"

Can anyone say... Captain Tripps? (Stephen King - The Stand)

Makes you wonder about those Coffin/Vaults in Atlanta, Texas & Wyoming doesn't it?

World Warned Over Killer Flu Pandemic

Monday, 21 July 2008

The Government said: "While there has not been a pandemic since 1968, another one is inevitable." Ministers said it would could kill between two and 50 million people worldwide and that such an outbreak would leave up to 75,000 people dead in Britain and cause "massive" disruption.

Peers joined ministers calling for urgent action to build up early warning systems across the Third World that can identify and neutralise outbreaks of potentially deadly new strains of disease before they are swept across the globe by modern trade and travel. Peers also called for new action to monitor animal diseases, warning of the potentially disastrous effects of conditions such as the H5N1 bird flu virus jumping to humans and demanded that Britain step up funding for the WHO to tackle the threat.

"Disease can spread like wildfire. We have to dramatically step up the response."

Full Story

An Insiders Message 2008

Folks I have been given direct information from someone I will *NOT* name. This person has given me some information which has been worrying them.

I trust this person very much indeed and they have no reason to lie to me.

They will try to get some more detailed information at some point soon.

What disturbed this person was that her Majesty's Prison Service have been discussing in private meetings of the few about Avian Flu.

They've been discussing what will happen and how things will pan out. I can tell you that just, if, a very tiny few guards drop from Bird Flu, that will prisoners will be completely released into the public. Basically every man for himself, give someone a fair shot so some would say.

These meetings have only been for a select few. Most prison guards are not even aware of this. What also frightened this person was that a coffin manufacturer they know , had a meeting with some government official last week. He has been ordered to dramatically increase coffin production.

So folks was I right in keep warning you of the coming Bio-Attack? to be blamed on Bird Flu?

I think so...

Note how the bird flu would be the ultimate veil for the economic collapse possible in September/Octover. Ordering MASS COFFINS in June?

Giving them 2-3 months maybe? Would be nice to know more detail so we could work out some possible times.

I ask myself why would they want coffins though for a pandemic? Wouldn't they simply bury the mass dead and Lyme them?

Something is coming down folks. So you must stock up for at least 3 months supply with food, water and medicines following my survival thread.

Whether it's a pandemic or economic collapse, you won't be going anywhere. Sorry for being the possible bearer of possibly more bad news.

let's keep informed and get the feelers out on what may be coming down the pike.

Craig Oxley.


I might have ignored the above ^^ story had it not been for the increasing amounts of Coffins/Vaults/Caskets that seem to be piling up in the US, and on order in the UK. As well as the Empty Camps IE: Rex84

Another Story From An Undertaker In the US

The undertaker had said there was a meeting locally (and actually all over the US) where the Govt told the morticians to prepare for a LOT of dead bodies.

This was just a conversation and those were the only details. She wouldn't lie to me. Your guess is as good as mine.

London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan updated - 15 May 2008

Download a PDF copy of the London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan. V 3

School, government leaders gather for 'pandemic flu tabletop exercise - 6 June 2008

Northeastern University in Boston Flu Pandemic Exercise Test Run - June 10 2008

Vermont Hospitals Prepare for Pandemic - June 09 2008

Agencies gather to create contingencies for flu epidemics - 11 June 2008

Contingency Planning For Pandemic Influenza

Could all of this , the coffins/vaults, CDC, break-ins, Increase in Coffin Orders, be all part of a worldwide bastardized plan to release a bio-chemical weapon on us in order to implement Martial Law?

Let's face it , "Captain Tripps" worked well for Stephen King in his book: The Stand (one of my favourites which i have read 100 times over) Martial Law was implemented right away.

Researchers Drop Large-Scale Trial of AIDS vaccine

Posted on: Saturday, 19 July 2008, 00:40 CDT

U.S. AIDS researchers will no longer test an experimental AIDS vaccine. They say the failure of a Merck and Co. vaccine shows the need for quicker, more focused testing.

On Thursday, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said it was canceling the HIV vaccine study called PAVE 100 that would test 2,400 U.S. men.

"However, NIAID believes the vaccine developed by its Vaccine Research Center (VRC) is scientifically intriguing and sufficiently different from previously tested HIV vaccines to consider testing it in a smaller, more focused clinical study," the group said.

Last year a trial called STEP revealed that Merck’s vaccine raised the risk of infection among men with prior immune responses to the vaccine virus and those who were not circumcised.

The vaccine used adenovirus, which is a common virus, to carry parts of the AIDS virus. According to NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci “it didn’t work.”

The vaccine was designed to be given as three injections of HIV genetic components, followed by a boost of adenovirus.


500,000 coffin liners near Atlanta, Atlanta CDC germ labs go down, CDC Labs Robbed... Increase in Coffin orders....Empty concentration camps.......Increased Flu Pandemic Drills worldwide in 2008.......Something to think about huh?

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