Thursday, 1 January 2009

CDC Guidelines - Handling Decedents Contaminated - Radioactive.

I didn't want to add this into the 500,000 Vaults post due to the fact it might be missed, for those who have already read through it.

New rules posted by the CDC in 2007 state that radiological bodies (after a nuke attack) have to be 'contained' according to FEMA, to protect workers clearing up the bodies (yeah just like the EPA on 9/11)

CDC Radiation Guidelines states:

When the investigation at the scene is complete, they will place the body into a body bag. Some jurisdictions use plastic remains containers for the body bags (Figure 9). This is recommended, because the team can transport the body bag out of the area and lower it into the plastic container. The exterior of the container is clean and can be transported out of the controlled area without spreading

Decedents are normally transported in sealed containers. The standards imposed by the airlines or by states for transport of uncontaminated remains are more than adequate. The presence of radioactive material imposes no additional requirements for the shipping container.



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