Sunday, 18 January 2009

Red Manhattan Demolition Truck Seen On The Street In NYC On 911

Broadway near Bond Street - Greenwich Village NYC 23 Feb 2006 - Very Large Image Click On It To Load

Picture Source

Clearer Original Footage

This clip shows both buildings just before the second hit.When the second hit occurs you hear it and you hear plane or building parts hitting the street.Then the camera shows what appears to be airplane parts and then the DEMOLITION TRUCK (near to end of video) drives in front of the camera.I'm not sure where I got the clip.

I downloaded it from a video site and never saw the truck until now.The video description said it was there, but it was about an hour long and the file was corrupt so it wouldn't play right.I found a .avi media fixer program and converted formats and was finally able to play it and control forward and backwards.This is a part from that file

The latest discovery on the Belgian website, is interesting. In the movie clip after 9:22 minutes in front of the camera a truck drives by. The lettering on the truck reads "Manhattan Demolition Company" . Although very little information on the Internet about this company can be found it Is clear that the demolition truck belongs to:

[ Manhattan Demolition Company, Inc.
816 43rd Avenue 816 43rd Avenue
Long Island, NY 11101 Long Island, NY 11101
Phone: 718-361-0397 ] Phone: 718-361-0397]

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