Thursday, 1 January 2009

911 WTC heals Itself?

Watch from 1:09 minutes into the video watch the top left hand corner of the video and see the WTC Walls heal themselves, this is not an illusion , light can't turn corners. Nor is it compression. Search on You Tube for more shots of plane hitting the WTC.

Do you spot the layer mask at 1:17 (time) ?

Here are a few screenshots I have put together from the video, the arrows point to the Layer Masks (healing) in question I am talking about.

Please Click On The Image To Enlarge.

The Video:

Simon Shack goes over this in one of his video compilation.

Please see the following Video By RasgaSaias & my previous post on "Enlighting The Shadows"

Go directly to the minute 6:29. You can actually see clearly the layer mask used to hide the plane. It is painted it in green

See? Click On Image To Enlarge

Try it yourself! here

(Don't forget to enable the Day Light Saving Time)

Here is a video showing you the same shot, same perspective.

I still say a Missile hit both the WTC buildings.

Notice this is one of the few real live footage of the WTC-2 Tower with actually no editing on it.

You can see a flying object in a descending trajectory on the right-top of the screen. You can clearly see the white single smoking trail of this object. We can perfectly assume it was a kind of New Gen Air to Ground Cruise MISSILE.

Definitive Zoom In!

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