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500,000 Fema Plastic Coffin Liners, Madison GA, Ennis TX?

(Please Watch The Videos Below!)

Why coffins? Why in the middle of Georgia , Texas & Wyoming???

Hidden In Plain Sight?

Not only are they in Madison but Also in Ennis, Texas and Afton Wyoming.

Could they be corpse transportation bins. Reusable - To move them TO a disposal facility? A poster of one of the video's below mentions they are fibreglass material not plastic?

Please see my post HERE on the 6 cities that might be targeted.

Well, apparently the Government is expecting a Half Million people to die relatively soon, and the Atlanta Airport is a major airline traffic hub, probably the biggest in the country, which means Georgia is a prime base to conduct military operations and coordination.

It is also the home of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. I don't want to alarm anyone, but usually you don't buy 500,000 plastic coffins "just in case something happens," you buy them because you know something is going to happen. These air tight seal containers would be perfect to bury victims of plague or biological warfare in, wouldn't they?

And even if (as some people say) they are Coffin Liners.... Why would they need that many? what for? and for what purpose?

They are durable and can re-used that we know already.


You would think that ANY company with this many burial vaults would be trying to sell them like hotcakes.. But that's just it.. They don't and they never have.. the vaults have simply built up over the years and NO company is selling them or even offers burial vault services anywhere online from this location.

These vaults have been stacked gradually since 2003!

Videos Below....

I have copies of these videos in case they get taken down so I will be able to hand them out to whoever wants them.

Video Narrated

FEMA Coffins For The American People.

Check out the coordinates on google maps/earth: 33°33'57.36"N 83°29'6.26"W

Click on the image for larger view.

Afton , Wyoming - 42.750018, -110.936857

Ennis Texas - 32.320277, -96.608030

Transference of Data?

An Anonymous person has stated here on the 7/11/2007

"I have stated many times on here, that I work for the Federal Government. Here is what happened at work toady.

While at work today, I was called into an office by my immediate supervisor and told that my duties were to change because of a new directive brought on by the higher ups. I am to start transferring data to an off-site storage facility located in another state and make sure everything is backed up on all of the servers that I have control over.

Now mind you, we have been storing data locally for as long as I know and from what I have been told from other co-workers. Why this sudden change to start backing up data and moving data to a whole other state?

I am in Atlanta, GA. It's crazy because I hear of the stories about the FEMA coffins and bird flu, and all of that other good stuff. Has anyone heard of anything like this at your workplace. I am wondering what is in the works?"

A reply:

The only thing I've read was on a thread posted here on ATS. They postulated that Atlanta was one of the three eastern US cities to be targeted for nuke attack,as it is the communications hub of the country.If I lived in Atlanta I would probably move,as it being a probable target makes sense.

Here are the Products, Air Tight Adult Coffins/Vaults.

Polyguard Vaults

PRODUCTS - Adult Vaults

A Burial Vault is an outside receptacle or container, in which the casket and remains are placed, at the time of burial. This helps to maintain the above ground aesthetics of the grave site.

Polyguard Burial Vaults are now manufactured using an injection moulding process, and constructed of non-biodegradable, water and chemical resistant polymers.

Hercules Airseal Vault:

Available in colors, available with or without carapace, emblems available (indicate when ordering), 100-year warranty, evironmentally safe, non-pourous and water resistant, long-term protection. (Shown in white with bronze carapace and wreath emblem, open shown in white.)

Atlas Topseal Vault:

Available in colors, available with or without carapace, emblems available (indicate when ordering), non-biodergradable, 100-year warranty, evironmentally safe, non-pourous and water resistant, long-term protection. (Shown in white with bronze carapace and wreath emblem, open shown in white.)

Adult vaults are also available in Oversize and Youth sizes.

Oversize II and III are made in Airseal model. Youth vaults are made in Topseal and Airseal models. Call us or E-mail us for more info.

We also have Infant vaults and Urn vaults.

Red And Blue List - FEMA DEATH CAMPS!

A good friend clued me into the RED AND BLUE LIST FEMA DEATH CAMPS

"The coloured lists FEMA have in the U.S are coded, red, blue and yellow

The List

We are all on aRed orBlue list somewhere, those on the red list will be woken at 4am and taken to the camps and probably killed.

Red List - These people are the enemies of the NWO. They are the leaders of patriot groups, outspoken ministers, outspoken talk show hosts, community leaders, and even probably NET leaders. These people will be dragged out of their homes at 4:00 am and will be taken to FEMA detention centers and killed. This will take place approximately 2 weeks before martial law is enforced.

Blue List - these are also enemies of the NWO, but are followers of the Red List folks. These people will be rounded up after martial law is in place, and will be taken to the detention centers and ‘re-educated’. Various mind-control techniques will used on them. Most will not survive this. Mr. Springmeier was not specific on exactly who was on the Blue List, but I would guess that people such as you and I are on that list.

Yellow List - these are citizens who know nothing about the NWO and don’t want to know. They are considered to be no threat at all and will be instructed as to how to behave and will most likely do whatever they are told. Unfortunately there are too many of these to be effectively controlled, so many will be killed or starved and many will have their organs harvested.

Remember when I spoke about the show Jericho? The show is set in a rural town not far from Denver, after the nuclear attacks the FEMA camps are used to house the survivors and the states are split among factions of Red states and Blue states

Please google RED/BLUE FEMA

A fellow Truth-seeker has this to say: (whether or not it's true is anyone's guess)


Recently I have noticed BOTH a red and blue disc, about the size of a nickel, and placed on the outside of my mailbox. They are relatively newly placed. They can be removed but are stuck really well. They are reasonably thick and would weather well. They are not just paper. They are reflective.

I live off the main road, and I drove to town tonight carefully eyeing all the mailboxes along the way. The vast majority had yellow discs, which are reflective, and show up well in the car headlights. As I got into town, I noticed some larger colored discs on the curb at several houses. I would imagine they could be placed on door posts as well, or most any hard surface such as a wall. Go outside at dark with a flashlight and check it out,and see if they are in your area also.

I just got home and did some searching on google, and this is what I came up with



Check out the REX84 Camp, Detention Camps, and FEMA Concentration Camps, Death Camps across the USA.

Just do a google for it or look on youtube - where there are hundreds of videos on empty camps with guarded patrols just waiting to be used.

Martial Law over America/FEMA/CIA/CAMPS

I found this interesting so might you! please look on the right hand side for the other parts to this video, I haven't looked at all of them yet, so please just be careful as to what you read and see, ask for discernment.

Concentration Camps in America EXPOSED

US Camps

My Thoughts In A Nutshell.

Well these coffins could be in preparation for a coming bio attack on the USA, or as I suspect (along with the Camps) could be for those who resist the Anti-Christ & refuse to take the Mark of the beast (NWO) etc, I have no doubt in my mind about that.

What I will advise is that if during anytime of martial law you are asked to relocate and directed to any transportation, you run like hell in the other direction, take what you can and run.

Do you want to live the rest of the time you have left locked in a concentration camp?

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4 of Spades Booking said...

I live in madison, ga - so i think i'm going to take your little blog and video over there and we'll all have good laugh on your overactive imagionation.

Anonymous said...

"Recently I have noticed BOTH a red and blue disc, about the size of a nickel, and placed on the outside of my mailbox."

Red, blue and yellow (amber) reflective stickers are commonly used by newspaper delivery personnel to quickly locate in the dark who gets what paper. Amber would be seven day delivery, red and blue for just Saturday or Sunday (one sticker for each day).

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