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A Critique Of Alex Jones' ENDGAM3 Documentary. Updated.

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By Rick Friedrich Nov. 19, 2007.

I walked away from the movie and said to my wife, "I'll never be the same again," despite the fact that almost none of the information presented was new to me. Words cannot describe the sick and hopeless feelings produced by this film, even though I have listened to Jones on and off for six years now. Having carefully studied all of his films I must write that the quality of production has greatly improved over the years; but so has the impression of hopelessness to the same degree.

The documentary takes you to many places in history with numerous horrifying images flashing at you, with little time to process them, which produces several deep impressions. Jones goes much deeper than before into the philosophy and history behind the global enslavement and population reduction doctrine he is trying to expose.

As presented, the collection of facts and imagery are emotionally hard to swallow, but the feeling produced is quite unavoidable: mankind are generally like ignorant sheep hopelessly falling victim to the slavery of the ruling political and corporate elite. This is one of the most frequent themes in this film, and thus the subtitle is Blueprint for Global Enslavement.The film appears as one that is only two-thirds finished, as there is little focus on a rational solution to overcome the evils shown. One walks away from this with the impression that all individual efforts to conf t these evils are futile. There are a few exceptions to this, as in the classic one-liner where Jones yells out that "the answer to 1984 in 1776", and also in the short appearance of presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul who argues against some of the evils exposed in the film.

But the overall impression given to those who are unfamiliar with the facts presented in this film is that there have been few, or no people, who have successfully thwarted the works of the slave masters in history. Shown in the film are a few individuals, who, from year to year, trace down the Bilderbergers and other elites. Jones is the prominent individual in the film, and has quickly become the figurehead savior in this movement to expose "the criminal elite." On the radio he displays himself as an exhausted patriot working 24/7 with no time for any other focus. Listening to the show one gets two contradictory impressions.


The first is that the New World Order (NWO) globalists are becoming stronger and that the total hopeless ruin of all nations is at hand. This is often presented in a fanatical outburst lasting from ten to twenty minutes with an apology for the excessive "tangent." The other impression is that somehow this Jones' movement is going to stop it and overcome it with this information war, and that he is really winning the war. Endgame gives you even less of an impression of victory for the 'patriots.' The listener of the radio program is doused daily with these opposite declarations and the result is psychological confusion.

One of the doctrines of the globalists that Jones has elaborated upon is that of controlling the opposition by deception. The idea is that you place key people, not only in places of influence to push a given agenda towards the ends of one's philosophy, but to also put people in the places of influence who will oppose such philosophy.

Such people would appear to oppose the evil NWO to such an extent that they would gain a reputation that most would trust so that they could influence people at key times and in certain desired ways. Such persons could also monitor all happenings and report to the controlling elite.

The question for Alex Jones is who would be such a person? The answer may be found in understanding what the slave-traders really want with the Patriot, Truth, and other related movements, as well as what impression do they want to instill on the masses about such movements. One of the themes in the film is that the NWO wishes for everyone to live in fear of the enemy.

Terror is the keyword today. People need to be kept under a state of terror in order for them to give themselves over to these masters who provide salvation. Terror influence equals giving up Liberty for Security. But is this not the exact impression one is exposed to constantly on the Jones shows and movies? This is the overall impression one goes away with.

The one who is providing all the terror revelations becomes trusted as the bondage to passions get developed accordingly. 'Divide and conquer' is a sister doctrine where the enemy conquers by destroying the opposition internally or externally. For the enemy to be successful all that is needed is to provide and push an apparent solution, that is no real solution, but instead leads the opposition down the path of further slavery in other forms. Another related philosophy, as is often mentioned by Jones, is the Hegalian dialectic doctrine of problem, reaction, solution, where a problem is created with a predictable reaction and an equally predictable acceptance of the solution also provided by the same problem creators. Most people in society fall victim to this tactic in one way or another.

I had a long talk with a friend the other day. While they had the chance they had listened to Jones' show for a while some years back, and told me how their lives were filled with anxiety at the same time. But now that they no longer listen to the show things are much less stressful. They were not against Jones in any way, and believed the things he said, but there was something about his presentation that did not seem right.

This was the impression I had years ago which lead me to write an email to both Alex Jones, and similarly to Paul Watson of, who runs some of Jones' websites. It appeared that some of the criticisms were considered as Watson's website changed its background from black to white and Alex's tone got a little better soon after those letters. However, other concerns developed in relation to Jones' promotion of certain persons and videos

(such as violent Gibson's, The Passion, with three of the leading women being well-known porno stars in Europe,and again, the same excessive hopeless feeling of endless terror that the MSM gives you on the nightly news. The object of the Jones' films especially appears to be essentially "to wake people up to the NWO" and their diabolical agenda. The films certainly do make people alarmed and terrified. And the question is, is that not exactly what the world slave traders desire for the masses? A people crippled in hopelessness and fear. Or a fanatical response to the evils of world slavery?

Alex Jones claims to be a Christian who believes in Bible. This he repeats frequently but does not get into religion much at all in his movies or on his show. This is somewhat understandable due to the subject matter at hand. But I fail to see how his message and overall presentation is consistent with the Bible and its claims to provide the solution to these problems. Even in the worst moments in human history the sacred pages offer a message of hope and victory that is almost totally absent in Jones' productions.

Yes there are times when the news is grim and gory but there is always a way of escape and peace. And one cannot abide in the environment of terror 24/7 without becoming deranged.

Furthermore, the focus of the infowars and prisonplanet media gives a man-centered humanistic solution to the problems. One has to listen for some time to find statements that offer the solution, and only rarely will a statement be made to the affect of "God help us!" The general tenor of these presentations is humanistic. The focus is on the evils done against mankind, which are horrible indeed, but almost totally absent is any impression given of the evils being committed against the Almighty. And in the same way, the solution is of the same proportion. Humanity must save itself, largely by themselves, and God is a distant figurative person who has little part in any of this process. Instead, much more focus should be given to the Almighty as One who is ready and willing to save humanity with real virtue or holiness for His own name sake—that is if you are someone who really believes what the Bible says:

"This is what the Lord God says: It is not for your sake that I will act, house of Israel, but for My holy name, which you profaned among the nations where you went. I will honor the holiness of My great name, which has been profaned among the nations—the name you have profaned among them. The nations will know that I am Yahweh"—the declaration of the Lord God—"when I demonstrate My holiness through you in their sight." Ezk. 36:22-23.

But if you are just using Christianity to gain approval then you will ignore the powerful claims made in the sacred text. As Alex Jones mentions the founding fathers it would be good for him to notice just how much more many of them quoted this book of books, or how much they claimed to rely upon the Almighty for help and inspiration. The same is true of so many other worthy American reformers such as Charles Grandison Finney and Asa Mahan, who were two of the leading virtuous influences in America for liberty, and helped turn the country against slavery before the civil war.

While there are many important facts revealed through these various Alex Jones media, they are presented in a mood that is contrary to the spirit of a Christian in a state of trust towards God and having rational hope for America. While Alex appears to be someone displaying the virtue of courage to stand up against the highest evil forces of this present world, a superhero figure, he does not display the fruit of the Spirit according to the Bible, nor does he profess to. While his hot temper and other admitted vices may be excused by many as the result of his tireless humanistic work, the excuses fly in the face of the character of those who have gone before, with their evident virtue and grace; against what becomes someone who is a model for all those watching and looking to this figurehead who instead is raging his fist in daily fits; and against the very manifest doctrine of the sacred pages he claims to believe as of God.

No Alex Jones, it is not a passionate fit of rage with an overwhelming sense of terror and information that will win the war against world slavery. Your own Bible says it lies not in the strength of man's legs to win the war. It is not about gathering information and presenting it sensationally to the masses to terrorize them in their present state of anxiety, anger, and self-slavery. But rather in showing the way to escape personal slavery over such vices and to come into the place of virtue and moral excellence. Then people will naturally do what is right.

This is why the zealots misunderstood Jesus when they wanted to make him king by force. Only later, when his followers found the way of virtue through faith in God—demonstrating His holiness in them—did they change the world and overcome kingdoms. What good is good information to those who are not virtuous, but are intellectually prejudiced, if they will only run fanatically or illogically with it? On the contrary, the people need to learn how to think honestly and soundly. Infowars often does cover subjects thoroughly, but there is much lacking in the way of helping people to process that information honestly with the right spirit. And when the mouthpiece is demonstrating a bad example this only corrupts the information given and breeds the same spirit. That spirit will generally foster a violent outcome; and this Endgame film shows that the elite are ones who sponsor wars on both sides. The need of the hour is not merely information but virtue in all of its attributes:

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires." Galatians 5:22-24.

I only quote this because Alex tells the world that he believes these words are truth, but he admittedly lives in contradiction to them.

Example of how hateful, violent and foul Alex Jones is. Warning graphic and murderous language! (Dead links but you can listen to Alex or do a search on google or youtube)

I found the video! watch here

Here it is Uncut (Pro-Think)

Alex Jones has rebuked others over the years for using foul language on his show, but lately he has finally shown his own real character in this regard. Alex Jones is an actor who has gradually lead his sheep to the delusions he has desired.

For years he called for non-violence (while his body language and voice tones contradicted it) A clip (Now removed from youtube) shows the listener his real philosophy and plan to stir up a violent revolution.

If you really can know someone by their fruit we can see that Jones is just as perverse as those he is claiming to attack. It soon becomes manifest to the impartial observer that he is really promoting the same agendas.

Like a frog in the pot his listeners have had the water temperature turned up slowly so that they did not suspect or notice the changes this man has made over the years. His program, run on the ABC owned GCN media, has gradually moved towards violence, filth and delusion.

Another example is the increased promotion of death metal Satanic music on the program. He used to play music for only a short period of time but now he runs this death metal filth for prolonged periods after his breaks. He does not claim to be a saint even though he claims to be a Christian.

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Anonymous said...

I understand wat you are saying, but I also understand that if Jones put Jesus in everything then he would turn people away from actually trying to fix the problems in our country, I understand that one day revelations will take place and that our only hope is in our Lord Jesus Christ, but GOD does give us a brain and we are to use it, his shows seem violent but never have i taken from it that we should be violent in anyway, but his shows are violent because that is how bad things are, and his documentaries are becoming even more credible with the passing times because many of those things are actually happenning, and I know that the only reason America is even in this predicament is because we have turned our back on GOD and done it our way from the beginning, and they are so many false Christians out there it is unreal, I mean you could even say that i have been one of them, Somtimes I feel like im the king of sinners and I hate it, but what i get from Alex Jones films is that we as Americans need to take back our country, Another thing is if Alex Jones is dirty or just as dirty as the media than who can we trust, but at least he gives a different view of things, Everyone is bad, that is why as a person we have to put our trust in Jesus Christ who will never let us down.

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