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Alex Jones Sells-Out to ABC - Old But Updated Info

For a history on GCN, Alex Jones & John Gray please see this post

Investigative researcher Thomas Holbrook has done some outstanding work in shedding new light on a case which has become known as The Alex Jones Affair: A Christian Family Betrayed. For those of you not familiar with this inexcusable example of betrayal, allow me to quickly rehash what took place. Before beginning, though, I must add that all credit for what follows goes to Mr. James Lloyd, whose outstanding article this overview is based upon. Then, after introducing you to this story, we'll follow-up with Thomas Holbrook's latest revelations.

In January, 2000, patriot John Gray and his family came under siege from government authorities in Trinidad, Texas; and they have been living under these conditions ever since. Shortly after this Waco-like situation developed, Alex Jones and his cameraman Mike Hansen visited the Grays and requested a videotape interview. Mr. Gray gave his permission under one condition: the film could only be released after the siege came to an end. Jones agreed to this request, as John Gray recounts (verbatim): “Alex promised me this would only be used for documentary purposes when this was all over. We have several witnesses to this. He also assured us again that none of the video would be shown anywhere.”

Please keep these words in mind, for they will become very important.

So, after gaining Gray’s trust, Jones was permitted to film this family’s residence, including, as James Lloyd writes, “crucial defensive locations” that “revealed significant logistical information.” This point is also vital, because the last time there was a stand-off in Texas against a family of Christian patriots, we all know what happened. David Koresh and 80+ other men, women and children were burned to death in a blazing inferno. And, considering 9-11, Oklahoma City, Randy Weaver, and many other government-sponsored acts of terrorism, another Waco is not outside the realm of possibility.

Anyway, shortly after documenting the Grays, Jones returned to their home a few days later, but this time he had a very peculiar request. He wanted John Gray to let the ABC News show 20/20 videotape him.

Now, before continuing, I have a question. First, how did Jones come in contact with 20/20? In case you need reminding, ABC is the enemy! In fact, they epitomize the New World Order’s corporate-controlled mainstream media; and they’ve done serious damage to the Truth Movement over the past few decades with their cover-ups and lies. Why in God’s name is Alex Jones working in unison with them? Please think long and hard about this point, because just recently the station which Jones broadcasts his radio show on – GCN – became an ABC satellite affiliate, and they’re also carrying ABC programming and advertising. How can the alternative media remain viable and trustworthy if they’re openly consorting with the enemy?

Naturally, John Gray refused time-and-again Jones’ persistent requests to let ABC inside his house, so when 20/20 was set to broadcast this story, guess what happened. Jones told Gray that he SOLD his videotapes to ABC’s 20/20! According to Gray, “Jones called me and said he had done something very wrong. He had let 20/20 have the video.” In addition, “Alex said he had sold the video for $700.00.”

Consider for a moment that Alex Jones was the only person allowed inside the Gray residence. He was also the only one allowed to shoot any video, and he was the only one entrusted by John Gray. Yet what does Alex Jones do? He blatantly betrays this family and endangers their lives by selling his soul to ABC for a lousy $700.00. Not only is such an act despicable, it should also send red-flags up to every patriot in this movement; because if Jones could so easily sell-out this family, how much loyalty do you think he has to the rest of us?
And here is the rest of it.
But, despite being Judas’d by Jones, John Gray showed his true Christian colors by telling Alex that all he wanted him to do was “get on the air and apologize and tell the patriots what he had done.” That’s not much to ask, yet Alex responded that he was “afraid the bad patriots would take him out” (his exact words).

Incredibly, once again we see Jones’ unbridled paranoia and drama queen theatrics – y’know the kind where he gets all hysterical every few months and says the New World Order is trying to kill him. But as we’ve pointed-out numerous times before, if these monsters truly wanted to snuff Jones, guess what they’d do. They’d KILL HIM and not just talk about it for ten years. How do you think government hit men operate? Do they post a flier in town square saying they’re going to murder Alex Jones? Hell no. They just off him, no questions asked. Thus, the whole “death threat” scenario is another hyperactive ruse where Jones is either a bald-faced liar, or he’s so whacked-out off his rocker that he should be locked in a rubber room and fed massive doses of thorazine.

To make matters worse, Jones began lying by telling people that John Gray had signed a contract with him. But as Gray states very clearly, “I didn’t sign a contract to give Alex any permission to air the video on 20/20.”

To prove that he was telling the truth, Gray contacted GCN president Ted Anderson and wanted to broadcast his grievances on-air. But he soon discovered that, “The Genesis tactic has been to completely bury the story, and refuse to allow any scrutiny of Alex Jones.” James Lloyd also adds, “Every host that has any knowledge of the matter has uniformly refused to allow the issue in any public forum. All callers to any of the various GCN programs that even hint at mentioning the matter are immediately taken off the air and hung up on.”

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this sound exactly like the way the government and mainstream media operate? If they don’t want you to know about something, they simply bury it. It seems Ted Anderson and Alex Jones are absolutely horrified of this story; for once they’re exposed as money-grubbing turncoat betrayers for the world to see, their Wizard of Oz cover will be blown to kingdom come once-and-for-all.

So, this is where journalist Thomas Holbrook enters the picture. He’s been investigating GCN and the Gray Affair for the past few months, and has finally tracked down the elusive John Gray via United States Postal Service general delivery. The following responses came to Holbrook via a letter, where John Gray unflinchingly says, “After this thing with Alex Jones, we do not trust anyone in the media, newspapers, magazines, even shortwave.”

After being raked over the coals and betrayed by Alex Jones, I can’t say I rightly blame Mr. Gray for his suspicions.

Also, Gray stated that he stood by everything written by James Lloyd in his article, and that, “90% of everything Alex and Mike [Hansen] said were lies! Alex has all the people on shortwave convinced that we are feds and nuts.” He continued, “We did not contact Alex for publicity. We are not feds or Masons!!!”

Y’see, Jones was the one who opportunistically contacted John Gray, and similar to every other venture he engages in, Jones found a way to make $$$$$ off of it (this time by selling out the Grays to ABC News). Also, Jones has used the exact same disinformation techniques on us here at WING TV when we started uncovering his censorship practices (among other things). Y’see, whenever Alex gets exposed for his dirty-dealings, the first thing he does is lie and say that the ones exposing him are COINTELPRO or government agents. This tactic is pathetic beyond words, especially when Jones contacts a family under siege – the Grays – then betrays their trust, endangers their lives, and ultimately profits from selling them out to a tentacle of the NWO. In my book, this makes Alex Jones a coward and a low-life rat that absolutely cannot be trusted any longer.

Finally, John Joseph Gray reiterated much of what James Lloyd covered in his original article, while adding a new twist:

Alex got real jealous because we wouldn’t call them when Chuck Norris came out here. That’s when he began to badmouth us.

Alex just sold us out. He thought we would be dead before 20/20 was aired. He’s just trying to cover himself. Alex tried to talk me into letting 20/20 come up to the house and video. I told him he was the only one who had taken video around the house which wouldn’t get out till this was all over with, and I didn’t want 20/20 up here. I met 20/20 at our front gate when they came in, and stayed several yards away from the house.”

After reading these words, I feel it is appropriate to hearken back to how John Gray opened his letter to Thomas Holbrook: “Thank you for being concerned. The truth will get out on Alex before it’s over with.” God bless John Gray, and yes, he is correct - the truth is getting out about the way Alex Jones operates.

Of course there are still many unanswered questions, such as how Chuck Norris fits into the picture. But Thomas Holbrook is following up with the Grays, and hopefully more information will arise in the near future.

In the meantime, we are going to post a list of questions to Alex Jones on Monday concerning his betrayal of John Gray, along with his affiliation with the ABC News network. In addition, I did leave a message for Alex Jones before running this article, but once again he chose to hide instead of returning my phone call. Considering his repeated exhibitions of cowardice, how are we supposed to believe that this guy is going to “fight the New World Order” when he’s not even man enough to answer our questions and take responsibility for his actions? Worse, if Alex Jones has already sold his soul to the dark-side once, who's to say that he hasn't done it again?

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