Thursday, 1 January 2009

Director Vantage Products Says: "Land Belongs To Us"

I received an email from Vantage Products, They have informed me they have LEASED the land where the burial vaults are stored. Please READ my previous post on Vantage Products being connected to Hercules, Monsanto & the Government

The Director of the company insists there is only 50,000 of these in Madison, umm has he seen HOW MANY are there!! way more than 50,000

A forum posters thoughts on reading the email from Mr Lacy

"Also, according to Lacy, those coffins are stored for prearranged burials. If so, why has the stock been sitting there for years without being depleted, replenished, or even moved around? Is he trying to tell us that so far not a single buyer has died in that time and the stock is just languishing? Also, he claims there are only 50,000 Vaults. You can count the stacks from Google Earth and the You Tube Videos and see there are way more than that. Mr. Lacy has a few more questions to answer I think...................."

Eyewitnesses and people who have been to the site in Madison recently have stated there are around 500,000 , the videos and google earth satellite pictures show more than 50,000

Mr Lacy admits the land is leased by Vantage Products but doesn't admit the burial vaults belong to them, he only insinuates this.

Something doesn't add up here.

Here is the email

Subject: Fw: Enquiry
Date: 29 July 2008 02:48:44 BDT


The property on Lions Club Road in Madison, Georgia is leased by Vantage Products.

The product stored on the property are standard burial vaults, please see
our web page for information on this product -

The majority of cemeteries across the United States require the use of a
burial vault when a body is interred. The use of a burial vault, plastic or
concrete, is to prevent the collapse of the ground in the cemetery
and to protect the casket placed inside.

In the funeral and/or death care industry there is a common practice of
people making their funeral arrangements prior to death. Many people
like to make their own selections for the casket and burial vaults that will
be used at the time of their death. Once this selection has been made
the local funeral home that has made the arrangements can purchase the
burial vault product from Vantage Products and we will store it for them
until that person dies.

We maintain detailed records of ownership of the products and require a
certificate of ownership to be sent to us before products can be released.
Additionally, we are annually audited by several states including Georgia
to insure that we have all of the products that our records indicate and
that are on file with each of the participating states.

These products are not owned by any one individual person, company or the
government. Additionally, there are only about 50,000 vaults in storage in
Madison, no where near the quantity that is being discussed openly on
the net.

In the United States there are approximately 1,300,000 deaths each year.
Of those deaths there are about 900,000 in ground burials preformed
every year. Only a small percentage of those people have pre arranged
there burial.

I hope this has answered you questions. Please do not hesitate to contact
me if you have additional questions.


Michael A. Lacy
Vice President of Operations
Vantage Products Corporation
960 Almon Road
Covington, GA 30014
770-788-0136 Office
770-788-0361 Fax
404-545-8022 Cell

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