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"Black Jack" - Daily Telegraph - Jericho CBS Show Episode 13 "BlackJack" -- More MSM Propaganda?

Blackjack - A "Culture" slide show story from the Daily Telegraph Featuring Nuclear Blasts in London & New York.

EDIT:// I as well as other sources have found that Jesuit:

Justin Williams (Assistant Editor/Director At The Daily Telegraph) is behind the BlackJack slide show

With no accredited author and the fact that they are going against their own terms and conditions, I would expect the P.C.C to see this in a serious light.

Notwithstanding the fact that they are fearmongering.

The address

Justin Williams has been trolling forums and uploading/removing/replacing images on the Daily Telegraph BlackJack slide show and newly registered website and has been manipulating people left , right and centre.

I would complain! I know I am! Even if this is some kind of Promotional Piece, or viral marketing piece it is a sick topic to choose.


As you look through the gallery of photos, you can see the symbology JUMP out at you!

- The dates are June 20-22 = Summer Solstice

- "New Dawn Presentations" on the side of the White Van - Obama quote:
“And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world - our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.”

- Sun Symbology - IHS Jesuit Symbol Looks Very much the same!!!! (Scroll Down To Catch The Symbol On The Nuke)

- NAU + Snake White Van - North American Union? --"Subh-e-Nau" literally meaning “a new dawn” reflects the thoughts and efforts of individuals who optimistically work for a better environment and a society. This is a site for Coincidence? Jesuit NAU

- Green Snake White Van - Tammuz, Adonis And Osiris are vegetation gods of greenness. Indeed Osiris himself in the Pyramid Texts at Saqqara is called "The Great Green" and often appears green-skinned as a symbol of "Resurrection and life" Osiris becomes Horus when resurrected, and we find that it is Horus who is protected by the Wadjet snake - The Green Snake. Green is the fourth point of the Eastern Star (women’s Freemasonry) & Satan’s color

- The 'London Eye' or 'Millennium Wheel' is one of the more recent structures in London which incorporates symbols of the Illuminati, which to those who have done the research, will recognise as the 'All Seeing Eye'.

etc etc

British Intelligence?

Troy Space first impressions on this is one we should take note of:

""This "slideshow" was in my opinion clearly devised by British Intelligence.

The question is: But for what purpose?

Is this a clue as to forthcoming nuclear attacks & who may be blamed ("Islamists"; "fundamentalist Christians")?

Is this "predictive programming" to sow a seed (to be combined with others) of blame that smooths the way for the public accepting the scapegoating of false-flag perpetrators, when all along the only bodies capable of carrying out such acts & getting away with them are deep cells within the Intelligence networks, ultimately directed from Borgo Santo Spirito, the Jesuit HQ, 100 meters from the Vatican's St Peter's Square in Rome?

The NAU & serpent on the side of the white van in New York & the sun symbol on the side of a nuclear device are fascinating clues as to the occultic mindset & geopolitical aims being worked towards by the Jesuit-controlled international Intellifgence Network.

Make sure that you go to the Telegraph link to confirm the authenticity of this slideshow's existence."

Click On The Images To Enlarge

Jesuit IHS Symbol On Nuke

The Background Of This Slide Has Now Changed

To This Background

New Dawn Presentations & Sun Symbol On Van - Click To Enlarge Image

London Eye - All Seeing Eye

This Slide (Number 28) Has Now Been Replaced - See Below This Picture

With This Slide - This Picture Is Of The Millenium Wheel In Paris France

Green Snake (Osiris/Horus) Wadjet & NAU (North American Union?)

CBS Jericho Episode 13 (Season 1) - BlackJack

Jericho is an American serial drama that centers on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States.

"Black Jack" is the thirteenth episode of season one of the CBS drama Jericho. It first aired on February 28, 2007. The episode's title is a reference to the first battle fought in the "Bleeding Kansas" episode of the American Civil War.[1]

This episode includes several hints as to how people outside of Jericho are responding to the attacks. A news board and map in the Black Jack camp provide clues to the state of world in the post-attack environment. Conversations with refugees suggest that Germany has sent airdropped supplies as well as China

The map also indicates the United States has divided into six unnamed regional groupings; their geographic reach is discernible from the map display. "Red flag" routes have higher death toll numbers than the "yellow flag" ones.

Black Jack Map

Black Jack Map - Episode 13

This first screenshot above shows the locations of the GROUND ZERO areas, where the nuclear bombs have gone off, and the fractured state of the country, as a result of the attacks. This map also shows the SIX capitol zones of the federal government, which had successfully balkanized the nation -- splitting it up into seperate warring factions. Incidentally, there are twenty-two blast zones, which itself contains Qabalistic symbolism, equating with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and the twenty-two cards in the Tarot's major arcana.

In every episode of Jericho all the clocks throughout (Season 1 + 2) have stopped on 09:02 (Check every episode and you shall see)

This second screen shot shows the time of 9:02am, which is an allusion to the Oklahoma City bombing, and April 19th is what the American militia movement equates to PATRIOT'S DAY. April 19, 1775 contains significance, as well. On that date in Lexington, Massachusetts "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" took place. This patriotic event is one reason why that date is considered to be PATRIOT'S DAY to those in the American militia movement. I need to point out that in this context, the word MILITIA refers to a "citizen's military." Perhaps symbolically, this refers to another major attack that may be on the way.

This third screen shot contains the words GROUND ZERO -- which every dictionary defines as a spot on the earth's surface immediately above or below an exploding NUCLEAR BOMB. This makes one wonder WHY the government and the media INSIST on calling the World Trade Center site GROUND ZERO?

The matter of fiction showing us all future events is one that I have noticed in the early 1990's, when certain shows like La Femme Nikita on the USA Network were showing terrorist events that would later come to pass in the real world, such as the infamous incident involving the X-FILES spin-off THE LONE GUNMEN, which in its' first episode, showed the World Trade Center being attacked by an airplane, for the purpose of beginning a FAKE War On Terror.

Jackblack Website Is launched


To access this website you need to know the user name and password. If you click on cancel a few times you are presented with a black page see picture below. Click on the images to enlarge them.

This website was created on 16th January 2009.

The address -

the NAU link on does have text on it, but it must be highlighted (or read through html text)

the coordinates the text here give show us portland, oregon


45º31'35.68"N 122º40'23.44"W

Bomb resistant Architecture and Design competition from the Home Office - will the new US Embassy in London be next ?

(The location of the Nuclear device featured in Slide 17 shows it is within the Vincent Square & Battersea Power Stations radius.)

Two suicide PBIEDs and two suicide VBIEDs were deployed in Vincent Square a piazza full of people enjoying lunch on a warm, sunny day. One VBIED was able to enter the front atrium of an office block facing onto the piazza. The resulting blast caused the building to collapse. The two PBIEDs were detonated within the crowd of people on the piazza and the second VBIED managed to get close to a building but was unable to penetrate it. Although there was extensive damage to the building it did not collapse

Not even the largest Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices have managed to penetrate a building atrium and collapse a modern building in recent years e.g. neither.the US Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983, nor the Baltic Exchange in City of London in 1992, nor the Arndale Centre in Manchester in 1996, nor the London Docklands South Quay attack in 1996, nor the very recent the Marriott Hotel bomb last month in Islamabad Pakistan.

Read More Here

Vincent Sq & Battersea Power Station - Slide 17

Google Maps Show Vincent Sq & Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station - 1 Week After The Bombs - Slide 22

Life Imitating Art or Art Imitating Life?

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Firefly said...

Maybe you should tell us your sources next time.
Alot of people spent alot of time to find this stuff out and you claim it as your own, maybe quote them?

and yes Justin Williams is responsible for this, why are you continuing to imply this is real.

Its not going to happen, for a start a dirty nuke bomb being set off like they claim would do NO more damage than a regular bomb.

Some people live in lala land.

Anonymous said...

This article series says DENVER will be the new capitol of the NAU. This idea of Colorado being the center of the NWO/NAU has been around for a while.

This whole Blackjack thing is VERY interesting, chilling, and alarming, as well as obscure.

Justin Williams said...

I would be careful about who you call a Jesuit, if I were you - or a Mason, or anything else, unless you are certain of the facts. Actions for defamation tend to offend!

And these are the facts:
1. The Blackjack series was fiction. There was no third party influence.
2. It was conceived and commissioned by a group of us at the Telegraph and put together by more than one person.
3. We wondered what would happen in the event of a series of 'false flag' nuclear attacks on western cities.
4. Some of us are seriously concerned about the totalitarian tendencies of western governments and Blackjack reflected that.
5. And, yes, some of us are big fans of Jericho and lament its cancellation by CBS.
6. Finally - we unashamedly raided some of the symbols that some people believe are used by the "global elite".

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have but am willing to do so on the understanding that you drop the ridiculous abuse.

Justin Williams
Assistant Editor
Telegraph Media Group

john c, UK said...

what about the hexidecimal codes that are\in the slideshow?

Anonymous said...

awesome summary!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. What about the hexadecimal code embedded in your "fictional" story of apocalypse.

Which can be seen on the telegraph right here:

The code shown there is this:

Convert it here:

And get this:
"this is not simply entertainment"

This is not funny you slimy bunch of crypto creeps. And the U.S. government and the British government better find out who in their midst is playing these creepy games. Might want to start with Justin Williams and the guy commisioned to create that image with the code.

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