Thursday, 1 January 2009

Veterans Only , Coffin Liners, Yet Stocked/Unused Since 2002.

"Apparently, the VA offers next of kin of veterans the option to buy Polyguard liners for burial.


Vault or Grave Liner: A Polyguard liner for casket burial is provided by the State (HSVC) for veterans only (subject to change upon availability of funds). Although vault or grave liners are not required, the next of kin may purchase a Polyguard liner from HSVC at cost for casket burial of dependents. Urn vaults may be purchased through a mortuary of your choice."

Source Hawaii VA Dept

So if these coffins are ONLY for VETERANS! why have they been stock piled since 2002, and not been used?

And it says they are not even REQUIRED!

So if they are not Required For Veterans, who are they required for?

Polyguard who make the coffin liners, have since 2000 had only ONE contract/Buyer and that is The Veteran Affairs Dept USA, the amounts of money from 2005-2007 is astronomical. Check out my other post on the finances of 2005-2007 Here

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