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INWO - Playing Cards Prediction? or foreknowledge?

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INWO - (Illuminati: New World Order)

In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson, was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call the "Illuminati -- New World Order" Game, or "INWO" for short. Jackson was creating a game that would hit very, very close to home, very close to the actual plan of the Illuminati to propel the world into the New World Order -- also known as the Kingdom of Antichrist. As we shall show you, Jackson issued playing cards, three of which foretold the events of 9/11, three of which correctly predict future events just ahead of us, and two that correctly foretell the last two events that the Bible foretells will occur during the final birth pangs that will produce Antichrist!

How did Steve Jackson know the Illuminati Plan so precisely? In fact, he knew the Plan so exactly he got a surprise visit from the Secret Service, who tried their best to shut him down and prevent him from publishing his game. As you will see from viewing excerpts of Jackson's account of the raid, they were very interested in his files entitled, "Illuminist BBS".

This game was in the beginning stages in 1990 and was finally published in 1995, becoming a best seller. As Steve Jackson says on his website: "In 1994, he reworked the old faithful Illuminati to jump on the trading-card bandwagon. INWO (Illuminati: New World Order) became the company's biggest hit yet, and its first million-dollar ship." In fact, the "INWO" won the 1995 Origins Award for Best Card Game.

Let's have a look at these Illuminati Cards from 1995

The last two cards are shown in the correct sequence.

Don't think Steve Jackson nor David Icke (Who first showed the cards in his collection) are great people to go to stay informed, just because these cards were released in 1994 does not mean they come from Truthful sources , yes these cards were made in 1994 or around that time, but David Icke is a dis info agent, and mentally unstable.

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