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Alex Jones, Zionism, Scientology, Connected - Part 2

Are John Paul II, Ron Paul and Alex Jones All on Same NWO Team?.

The Arctic Beacon's Greg Szymanski reports

One example of the obvious media black out on anything Vatican related can be found daily on the Alex Jones show or called by some the Alex Jones alternative media machine since he has a large media and fan following based on calculated deceptions.

"I know Alex and he has developed a special kind of blindness when it comes to anything related to the Vatican-led New World Order and Jesuit infiltration throughout the centuries," said Greg Szymanski, editor of the Arctic Beacon. "Looking at how he operates, he has to have a higher authority setting his guidelines and basically telling him what to say and how far he can go. And it is obvious by the people he aligns himself with."

Although Jones fools a lot of people by sidestepping the Vatican issue, one long time listener, Rick Friedrich, has finally caught on and is no longer one of them.

In a recent in depth analysis of the Alex Jones, the Papacy and the Ron Paul connection, he said:"I have compiled further evidence of the incredible delusion and fundamental contradiction of Alex Jones concerning John Paul II. If you never saw it, check out the page on his site where he says the Pope must not have been NWO because of the way he died and how old he was, etc. This is unbelievable. I can't believe how obvious this all is.

"After listening to the Alex Jones show for years, as well as reading his network of websites, there is precious little to be found there about the Vatican corruption in history and in modern times.

"Even though Jones tirelessly rants minute by minute and spouts forth threats of revenge and attacks against this "NWO and their minions," we only find one or two mentions about the Pope's involvement of such! In the below link we find one such example without any comment or reference to the following quote:

"Bush senior proposed that Pope John Paul II become "the chaplain of the New World Order"

Friedrich also starting connecting the dots among Jones, Ron Paul and the Papacy and has now retracted his support for Paul, providing readers with an updated analysis. A full reading of his findings can be found at HERE

Here is a significant portion of Friedrich's important comments:

"We are in desperate times and are all looking for people we can trust. When someone appears to offer an answer we are naturally excited and motivated. I have loosely watched Ron Paul for some 6 years and was excited about him running for President. I even wrote several articles and posted them on my website.

"I was sincere in my research of this person but I did miss some things until last week. I will show some matters below that have completely convinced me of my error and that directly. Since I did present a positive endorsement of this candidate I feel the need to share why I feel I was mistaken. I do not endorse anyone else.

Ron Paul and John Paul.

A few more reasons why I was mistaken.

Ron Paul has recently stated publicly that he opposes a new world order and globalism as well as bodies such as the Bilderberger group's ideas. He said in the recent YouTube Presidential debate that people behind such groups have a "conspiracy of ideas."

On the other hand he is open to making America trade with all nations such as China, Iran, North Korea and Cuba. Ron Paul also praises world leaders such as Pope John Paul II who attended a Bilderberger meeting with Clinton, supported the formation of a European Union, and who called for a New World Order and a one world religion. He called him "one of the great religious leaders of modern times, and an eloquent champion of human freedom and dignity." Source

Some people who oppose the Globalist neoconservative agenda, as Ron Paul has been well known for, are troubled by the fact that he coauthored a book in 1993 with Lewis E. Lehrman who is a neoconservative and one of the directors of The Project for a New American Century. People may explain away that connection but the late Pope's actions in promoting the United Nations as well as a new world order were very obvious to everyone. Further, the Pope made great efforts to make all world religions into one, contradicting the obvious fundamental differences they all have in reference to origins, meaning, morality and destiny.

While Ron Paul now says he does not support the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones, he has appeared on his show numerous times over the years in a way which gave most people the opposite impression. This has prompted critics like Glen Beck to ask Ron Paul directly what his views about government involvement with 911 terrorism are. Watch The Video

Paul responded to the surprise of many conspiracy theorists that the theories were bizarre and preposterous while advocating that instead it all came down to a bad foreign policy and leadership ineptness. While it is true that the specific theories Beck asked about, which Paul used those words to describe, were one set of theories, Paul nevertheless did give a categorical rejection of all conspiracy theories for that event and used the same language when asked on other programs. Two things that were the most surprising about Paul's belittling statements against what Alex Jones holds as obvious fact, were that Ron Paul claimed to never even hear some of the well known theories Glen Beck had addressed, and that Alex Jones continued his support and respect for Ron Paul in the same way as if the interview never happened.

Firstly, Ron Paul has heard these theories numerous times over the years in numerous interviews on the Jones show, as well as from numerous persons who have corresponded with him both as a Congressman as well as a presidential candidate. This denial is an obvious lie. When I asked the forum what their thoughts were about this, many argued just as Beck said, that he had to lie. Secondly, Alex Jones has been an outspoken and harsh critic of those who disbelieve his theories. His continued support of Ron Paul contradicts many years of criticizing of others who made the exact same statements as Ron Paul has just made. Further, while Jones has avoided almost all discussion about the Vatican and the NWO he did produce an article opposing the Pope a few years ago when he pushed for the NWO

To be consistent, if it were anyone else, Jones would have dismissed Ron Paul as endorsing the NWO for his comments about the late Pope (as well as for they way he dismissed Jones' theories)..

The Alex Jones Media Machine.

The Alex Jones media machine has been a major contributor to the Ron Paul campaign. Most of Jones' listeners support Ron Paul. The question we have after the Beck interview and the praising statements about Pope John Paul, is why? The two are mutually exclusive. Alex Jones' doctrine and practice has called Ron Paul's views as stated deceitful and cowardly for someone in his position. But he will not act consistently. Instead, he went on the attack against Glen Beck for asking the questions Americans wanted to know about Ron Paul. Even Jones' sidekicks the Watson brothers, who run his websites and write articles for him, thought the interview went very well. But Jones said on his show that he disagreed with these brothers. Very revealing indeed!

Jones has further stated on radio that he was significantly influential in getting Ron Paul to run for President and also that his camp coined the term or started the recent Ron Paul Revolution. During the same period where Paul was distancing himself from 911 conspiracy theories, Jones published totally unsupported claims about NWO assassination plans for Ron Paul

This was a major subject on the forums for the next week even though there was much action to stop all discussion about it. I'm sure this will bring many thoughts to peoples minds... The Watson and Jones team have continually used these kinds of sensational claims in the past. Notice the strength of the argument in the following statement: " Estulin, whose information has unfortunately proven very accurate in the past, went public with the bombshell news [about a Ron Paul assassination plot] during an appearance on The Alex Jones Show today."

Jones always draws a lot of attention to his industry whenever such prophetically false claims are made to scare his audience. Typical with all cult groups, the prophesy is given with some disclaimer and hope that it will not happen, but the natural impression is given to all followers that it will definitely happen. When it doesn't happen, and the hype is long gone, the disclaimer is then used to justify the sensational prophesy. Jones has done this repeatedly, and actually daily reinforces the false predictions.

He is bound to be right one time out of a hundred. But just last year in the summer he gave a very solemn warning that the end was really coming this time. War was about to start up like we have never seen it, within a month. This was special and equal only to his prediction about 9/11 (which he falsely claimed he was the first to warn about). Well actually he did make a real fool of himself and his followers on December 31, 1999. The disclaimer clause in this more resent case was that his listeners could make a difference by activism. Nevertheless the terror continued to scare everyone in the same way that so many cult leaders have scared their sheep.

Lest you think Ron Paul is way above these kinds of things, the fact is that he has continually appeared on the Alex Jones show over the years and has spoken sympathetically with Jones as he made numerous sensational claims. Late this summer, just before the Ron Paul Revolution really took off, Ron Paul made the following statement on the show: "If I were a betting man I would bet that they will attack Iran before the end of this administration, which means in the next year or so. The plans have been laid just like the plans were laid to go into Iraq a long time before they did but they had to wait for the right opportunity." Iran Attack

This fit in perfectly with all the hype Jones was engaged in for the last 3 or 4 years about Iran. First it was April 2005, then Fall of that year. Then Fall 2006. Now we have about a year to go. But now things have changed with Iran. The scare tactics will continue. Both these men criticize the government for scaring the people into following them, but they are on record for doing the same. Every time Alex Jones produces a new scary terrorism video of the nature of an Osama video, which many times features Ron Paul, it successfully draws in more support for this scare media industrial complex. (I should mention here also that GCN is actually owned by ABC!) Alex Jones always asks the fitting question on his show (or at least he used to), Who stands to gain? It should be evident by now. See also A Critique of Alex Jones' Endgam3 Documentary.

Are these predictions and associations and endorsements a sign of hypocrisy and poor judgment or something merely accidental that is not worthy of our attention? Hope and fear for America may be a little more accurate. We hear that Hollywood went on strike but it appears the entertainment has just moved to the Internet.

Here is another video to watch by a patriot wise to how Alex Jones fronts for the Vatican:

Are Both Ron Paul and Alex Jones Political and Protestant Hypocrites?

After reading Paul's flip-flop on 9/11 and PhD Arthur Maricle's article
on true Protestantism and Papal Power, The answer appears to be yes.

By Greg Szymanski
Jan. 11, 2008

Ron Paul seems to have turned his back and spit in the face of 9/11 truth seekers, but it doesn't appear to matter as most of them continue to hang on to his wretched Vatican-led New World Order coat tails.

Paul, known to speak out of both sides of his crooked mouth, originally in the alternative media backed 9/11 truthers who claim the take down of the Twin Towers was an inside government job.

However, once Paul speaks to the mainstream media, like on the CNN Glen Beck show and on the campaign trail Thursday evening in South Carolina, he quickly speaks out of the other side of his deceptive mouth, knowing his Jesuit and Vatican masters are listening, saying 9/11 was of course the work of Muslim fundamentalists

"Did you watch the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina last night? Ron Paul publicly repudiated the 9-11 truth community and all their "conspiracy theories," said Tom Friess on his amateur ham radio show.

"I'll be listening to Jesuit Coadjutor Alex Jones' show today to see if he even mentions it. If Alex Jones had one ounce of credibility, he would spend the entire show condemning Ron Paul. But Alex Jones has no credibility, and neither does Ron Paul."

Putting in his political two cents and saying all Presidential candidates are in the pocket of the Vatican-led NWO and nothing more than traitors and sell-outs to the American people, Tom Richards of Spiritually Smart had this to say about Paul:

"It doesn't matter who's running. There aren't fair elections anymore. Alex Jones knows this.

"Also, Ron Paul has been in with Ronald Reagan for years and years. Paul led the delegation out of Texas to get him elected president. Reagan re-established official diplomatic ties with the Vatican for the first time in over 100 years.

"Since the assassination of Lincoln which it was a fact that the Vatican was behind that, was the major reason why we broke off ties with the Vatican then. Reagan was also instrumental as a Vatican smokescreen who was constantly promoting the Vatican's cold war hoax.

"They are able to play this in mainstream movies because their smokescreen has been successful. It doesn't matter anymore.

"People say that Paul is in the position he is in right now to see what the strength of the patriot movement really is. I say it was done to see how hoodwinked the country is even after its been exposed that there has been fraud in the election process.

"Ron Paul has been a speaker and supporter of the JBS (John Birch Society). They may seem good on the surface but they, like Reagan, and Pat Buchanan's father and Bishop Fulton Sheen (the one Martin Sheen took his stage name after) were all part of this huge Vatican smokescreen to get your eyes off of the true enemy (The Vatican) and onto communism.

"Also, the ex director of the JBS is this JOHN G. SCHMITZ. his son is a Knight of Malta and high up executive of Blackwater.

"Now Paul is always speaking at JBS events and even appeared on an old propaganda piece for the JBS which is on youtube and after Paul speaks a Catholic priest speaks.

"This country is screwed because of the Vatican. They were the power and organizing behind WWII, WWI, The Civil War, the Viet Nam War, the Revolutionary War. Because we got tired of King George over there charging us taxes without allowing being represented for our needs in England. King George was a Papal puppet who was at war with France because France had just expelled the Jesuits out of their country."

Furthermore, Paul has praised his real masters in the Vatican on numerous occassions, hoping America will never catch on to Papal Rome's authority and connection to his hidden NWO agenda.

But it's impossible to fool all the people all the time and it's obvious Paul is working for Vatican Illuminati interests because he never will respond to his critics, including numerous attempts by the Arctic Beacon to get an interview.

For example, Paul as well as Alex Jones claim to Christians and Protestants but refuse to talk seriously about the true beliefs of Protestant Reformers and how they clash with Vatican interests.

Full Article: Here

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