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Vantage - Polyguard - FEMA - Coffins Link.

Polygaurd Co. sent this rather vague and unprofessional response:

Polyguard and Co.
Afton, WY 83110

RE: and all other paranoid sites!!!

To Whom this May Concern:

As you all know, death is one of those issues that we all fear yet we all will go through it at some time in our life and we have most all experienced a loved one passing away. In fact there is as average of 2.5 million deaths occurring each year. Some are cremated and some are buried. Most burials require an outside burial container to go around the casket to keep the ground from settling and the aesthetics of the cemetery beautiful with the least amount of maintenance needed. Until about 30 years or so ago, the only outside burial containers available were Concrete or wooden boxes. Because of modern technology, there are now other alternatives to concrete such as fiberglass and polymers (plastic).

I am not sure how Polyguard became associated with the burial vaults that are stored in Georgia. Those vaults are manufactured by our competitors in Georgia. However, the Manufacturers own the property they are stored on and there is no big secret surrounding the vaults. Because of manufacturing costs and the ability to manufacture 2 parts probably every 2 – 5 minutes, once the process begins, to be cost effective you manufacture until your raw products are gone. This creates inventory that can be rotated and used as needed.

In the funeral service industry, there is a program called “pre-need” which allows families to go to a funeral home or cemetery and pre-pay for their funeral merchandise and services. I would guess that most of these vaults have been pre-sold and they are meeting the requirement of the storage program set forth by the manufacturing company and the Federal Trade Commission who governs funeral service. Because we do not own the vaults and are not the manufacturers of the vaults, I cannot tell you those numbers for sure.

Many of you keep referencing a patent for a cremation container. This product never even made it to the market as far as I know. If it did, it is not the same product that is being stored at the manufacturers storage facility in Georgia. DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO ITEMS!!!!

If this information does not help ease your mind, you are welcome to call us.

Debbie Sainz
Polyguard & Co., LLC

The name of their competitor is Vantage Products Corp. in Covington, Georgia. I checked their website, and they do indeed make plastic coffins similar to those in the video. Here is their web Address

Polyguard has had contracts with the Veterans Affairs Dept totalling over 2 millino dollars this we know from

Now, Polyguard basically claims that the Coffins depicted in the video are merely 'back stock', and that Vantage OWNS the land they are on. How they would know that for certain is unclear. However, this is what I found on Vantage's own website:

"Vantage is now located and headquartered in a new, state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Covington, Georgia. The facility is home to two new injection molding machines, robotic painting systems, R & D, as well as ample storage and shipping facilities."

If Vantage has "ample storage and shipping facilities" in Covington, why would they need to store their merchandise in the middle of an open field in Madison? According to the producers of the video, the private owners of the land would not give any explanation to why the coffins were there.

Why all the secrecy? Why not simply state that the coffins belong to Vantage Corp, and they are there for storage? Also, why would Vantage store what looks to be a huge portion of their valuable stock in the middle of a field far from their shipping and distribution facility? And why would it sit there undisturbed for years without being rotated, diminished, or replenished?

None of these questions have so far been answered. We at Neithercorp certainly hope that there is no insidious purpose to these coffins, and that all is well, but until we get some clear and honest answers, our suspicions will remain.

If you Google map the location of Vantage Products will show that they have thousands of these things stored at their plant. Maybe they have overflow storage in the field down the road?

Google: 960 Almon Road Covington GA 30014

Google Maps Image Of Vantage Products Corp - Click To Enlarge.

Some interesting information on Vantage Corporation and their connections. On their website they indicate the following:

Vantage Products Corporations was founded in 1978. The plant was a research and development facility of Hercules, Inc. before being purchased.

Hercules, Inc. is a multi-national/global cororation that is primarily a chemical company, but also has a number of subsidiaries and is part of the Aqualon Group as is Vantage Products Hercules spun off from DuPont Corporation in the early 1900's so you know that they are still really a subsidiary of DuPont, not a competitor). Hercules had major defense contracts with the US government. This is their US website

Here are their worldwide locations

The Chief Legal Officer for Hercules worked 30 years for Monsanto in various high positions:

Richard G. Dahlen
Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Dahlen received his B.A. degree from the University of Arkansas in 1961, and his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School in 1964. He attended the Executive Program, University of California, Berkeley, in 1991.

Mr. Dahlen joined Hercules on July 1, 1996, as Vice President, Law and General Counsel, after serving 30 years with Monsanto Company in St. Louis, Missouri. While at Monsanto, he held a number of positions including Vice President and General Counsel, The Chemical Group; Associate General Counsel, Monsanto Company; Director of Corporate Development, Monsanto Company; and Director of Law, Monsanto Agricultural Products Company.

Following his retirement in 1999, Mr. Dahlen returned to Hercules in a consulting role in October 2000 and assumed his current position in June 2001.

Mr. Dahlen is a member of the Delaware Bar Association, Missouri Bar Association, Arkansas Bar Association, and the American Bar Association.

Here is a fact sheet on Hercules

No company would produce that kind of inventory to sit outside for an indefinite period of time without advance payment. Since this Vantage has connections to Hercules which has connections to DuPont, Monsanto, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc., all connected to government, the fact that these are coffins is not a good sign, especially in Georgia where the Georgia Guidestones have been erected

Google Monsanto

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Anonymous said...

I've known a long time now that "salmonella" in foods has really been Genetic Engineering gone wrong. The Peanuts in food killing people... which has gone quiet recently and been replaced with "Swine Flu" (but not related to swine?)

yes, do google Monsanto.

and land right here:

todayyesterdayandtomorrow DOT wordpress DOT com

that's where I ended up - genetic engineering of food. It's what killed the dogs and cats a few years ago - we were lied to about that too.

The coffins make sense. Remember before the November election, Biden said we'd be in for right about this time?

They knew.

Anonymous said...

I would like to qoute that in a work of mine about nwo... is that okay ?

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