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500,000 Coffins - Land Info Coincidence? DOD?

Ok tonight I did a little searching here is what I found out.

2003 - Greenfield Equipment Co INC have been doing some business with the Dept. of Defense, how much business?

$19,391 to be exact, you can see that here

What have they been buying?

Major Product or Service Code37: Agricultural machinery and equipment
Product or Service Code3750: Gardening Implements and Tools
DoD Program, System, or Equipment Code1000
DoD Claimant Program CodeC9E
Principal NAICS Code333112: Lawn and Garden Tractor and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing

Major Agency Dept. of Defense
Modified Contracting Agency2100: ARMY, Department of the (except Corps of Engineers Civil Program Financing)

How do I know this was the amount? Because I searched fedspending I know the date to be 2003 when this business was contracted.

The Polyguard Vaults were there in 2002 that was when the VA dept started contracting with Polyguard

Where is Greenfield Equipment Located?

1350 Lions Club Rd # D, Madison, GA

And where are the coffins located? 33.566135, -83.485279

yep that's right Lions Club RD.

Hmmm right near to each other right?

Have a look at this screenshot if you are too lazy to search google :P (A) is where Greenfield Equipment Co INC is located.

However.... When I try to get to this location on google maps ( I did a search for directions to the exact location) ie: where the coffins are located

Guess what?

The road is listed as "Unknown Road"

See this screenshot

Now let's talk about POWER - Georgia Power or Southern Company INC as it's also known as.

Well well they are also Located here:

Georgia Power
1391 Lions Club Road
Madison GA 30650

Who did they do business with? FEMA, DEPT OF DEFENSE, HOMELAND SECURITY too

See here

Take a Look at the screenshot or here

Where is one of the locations of business completed?

30905 - Fort Gordon Military Reservation


Location : 1350D Lions Club Road - Madison, GA 30650

Top 5 Products or Services Sold

Miscellaneous Vehicular Components$2,716
Truck and Tractor Attachments$598

Top 5 Contracting Agencies Purchasing from Contractor(s)

VETERANS AFFAIRS, Department of$3,314

Top 10 Contractors


B & W Waste INC

B & W Waste Inc
1240 Lions Club Rd
Madison, GA 30650

It's a recycling center and waste removal service.

Just LOOK at all that Land these coffins are on! wouldn't the government NEED farming Equipment in order to make a start on a FEMA camp here?

I don't think that it's a coincidence that the Dept Of Defense is doing business with a Farming Equipment company right in the vicinity of where the Polyguard vaults are located, now..... We know for a FACT the Government paid over $2 million for Polyguard Vaults.

You have concrete & plumbing businesses in Lions Club Rd, so many convenient supplies for a camp.

So can you honestly tell me nothing is going on here? No coffins for US citizens? there are tons of businesses in Lions Club Rd GA, that are doing business with different departments of the US Government.

I found all this just by googling. It's public domain knowledge, you just need to put 2 & 2 together whilst researching.

And here is the rest of it.

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