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Original Research Of 500,000 Coffins - Mrs Musselwhite.

Original Pictures. By Mrs Musslewhite. Taken in 2002.

Mark Spann (Mrd Musselwhite's Ex Husband) speaks...

Here's what i recall learning. I did my own count/estimate and came up with roughly 800,000 units, though I'm sure there's a wide margin of error. As I recall there were 54 units each to a pallet, three stacks on each pallet, 18 units in a stack. Each unit does indeed measure 3'x3'x7', which I believe is precisely the dimensions of a casket liner. But please note that, where you to take a notion to put adult human bodies directly into one of these WITHOUT a casket, there's plenty of room for, oh say 3 or 4 adults and room for a couple of kids to boot, you know about enough room for the averagde 5 person family.

Right next to this property, bordering it to the south, is a small industrial strip building, and a John Deere sales and repair shop. I asked a couple of the fella's working in the shop what they knew of them, and they jokingly said "That's what Uncle Sam's gonna stuff us in when the BIG BANG comes"....referring to what they thought was an imminent terrorist bio or nuke attack, although when I pressed them for a serious reply, they said they were shipped there by FEMA a few years earlier and were told they were to be used in case a major hurricane hit the Savannah area. They believed they were there as kind of as a knee-jerk reaction to FEMA's poor showing in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in the early 90's. When I asked about who the property belonged to, they understood the property was being leased to FEMA by a well known local businessman and property owner (don't recall the name), who leased the property to FEMA shortly after he purchased it, I think they said that was back in 1997 or 1999....not sure. Maybe someone can do some sleuthing like maybe a property title search and see what turns up.

I'm a bit fuzzy on my research into who manufactured these things for FEMA, but if I'm not mistaken I think I figured out it was DOW or HALIBURTON, or one of the major Defense suppliers, possibly under s subsidiary name. Sorry that's kind of vague and fuzzy info, but Its been nearly 6 years back I did my research on the Madison FEMA coffins.....hope you guys keep up the good work....and thanks to the person who took the video and posted it on YOUTUBE!

Mark Spann sent me an email link and embedded a video. 3 minutes into this video shows a connection with FEMA coffins "placed" in Georgia.

Screenshots For Those Unable To Watch The Video - Please Click To Enlarge.

Mrs MusselWhite (Original Photographer of the Coffins/Vaults) speaks

I emailed FEMA last week with the pictures taken in 2002 and they did respond with where were these containers located, see below:

from FEMA-Recovery-Correspondence-Unit>
date Jan 3, 2008 11:58 AM
subject FW: Assistance in identification

hide details Jan 3 (4 days ago)


Dear Ms. Musselwhite:

Thank you for your e-mail dated December 31, 2007, to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) asking for identification of items shown in a series of photographs you sent.

In order to answer your question, we would need to know where the photos were taken. Should you wish to provide the information, we shall do our best to provide the answer.

I hope this information is helpful.

Janice Sosebee

FEMA Disaster Assistance Directorate

From: theresa musselwhite []
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 7:48 AM
To: FEMA-Correspondence-Unit,
Subject: Assistance in identification

Are these FEMA coffins?

theresa musselwhite
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: FEMA-Recovery-Correspondence-Un...

Jan 3 (4 days ago)
theresa musselwhite
Madison, Georgia

Jan 3 (4 days ago)
theresa musselwhiteLoading...
Jan 3 (4 days ago)
theresa musselwhite to FEMA-Recovery-.

show details Jan 3 (4 days ago)


Madison, Georgia
- Show quoted text -

I have emailed Freedom Radio several times to no avail as well as other organizations and agencies to help identify these containers.

As of today, i have not heard back from FEMA. Please check out Rabbit Holes - Searching for Alice and my last post.

Musselwhite also states:

Through Freedom Radio, FEMA acknowledged they were, in fact, body containments back in 2002 in cash of biological terrorist attack. these body containments hold more than one dead body and used in cremation.

Point: there are surveillance camers all around the perimeter of atlanta going and coming excepting hwy 20 going toward madison

Afton, WY and Covington, GA check out this post


Crematorium Plans....

In Lawrenceville Georgia they are complaining of a crematory being built in their back yard according to my niece and in hartwell georgia they have built a refractory. look up the word refractory. also, in hartwell enormous power poles and lines have been erected in the last 6 months. the refractory is not in operation.

Cremation Society of the South, which has locations in Marietta and Stockbridge, plans to open a crematory at the corner of U.S. 78 and Abington Drive in Snellville.

Renovations are under way at the building there - a basic brick ranch that was once a residence but now is zoned for offices and professional use.

It is a 47 min trip from Madison, GA where the Vaults are Located see co ordinates: 33°33'57.36"N 83°29'6.26"W

Click On Map For Larger View - Madison GA - Crematorium.

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