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The New Capitol Of The United States Is Coming ..... Want To Know Where It Is?

"We'll have a second Declaration of Independence, elect a brand-new Congress and move the capital from Washington to Denver. We'll reshape our Republic and start from the beginning.'' - John Roy Carlson 1943 - Published as "Under Cover"

This book "Undercover" by John Roy Carlson from 1943 stated that when a completely Fascist government took over the US it will move to Denver

Under Cover Part 1 PDF

Under Cover Part 2 PDF

The Religious Right

Obama asks military to plan for withdrawal from Iraq

Obama had promised during his campaign to order US troops out of Iraq within 16 months.

"The new president, who opposed the Iraq war, has said he wants to redeploy thousands of combat troops from the country to Afghanistan, where conditions have deteriorated and which he says is the prime front against Al-Qaeda."

Eric Phelps Said In 2006

If I was The Black Pope

Then I would suspend the Constitution, move the capital to Denver, attack Iran, move into Saudi Arabia and take the oil fields and refineries to fuel the American war machine. I would build a huge American Army base in Israel from which the Americans could operate during the coming war in Israel, American troops moving in from Iraq.

In order to increase US troops in Iraq, which troops will then invade Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (as was told to me by an aged former Marine and suspected Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor - I would then use my CFR-controlled press to blame my CIA-directed "Al Qaeda" justifying an all-out war against Iraq and Iran-- "Eric Phelps 2006 On What Plans Might Be Executed."

CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver

The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA's Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials.

Other CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver's relative distance from major corporate centers. "Why would you go so far away?" one asked. "They will get disconnected."

Colorado has become a major intelligence hub since Sept. 11, 2001.

The Denver suburb of Aurora is home to the little-known Aerospace Data Facility. Located inside Buckley Air Force Base, it has become the major U.S.-based technical downlink for intelligence satellites operated by the military, the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, according to military and government documents obtained by William Arkin, author of "Code Names," a book about secret military plans and programs.

About 70 miles away, the U.S. Northern Command, based at Peterson Air Force Base, in Colorado Springs, is tasked with homeland defense and has been increasing its domestic intelligence work.

Denver Airport DIA - Weird Murals & Underground Tunnels Explains It All

* The Queen of England has reportedly been buying up property in Colorado under a proxy.

*On the Masonic Capstone is inscribed NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISION.

You Tube - Denver Airport

Part 1 ( Denver Airport)

Part 2 (Denver Airport)

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Denver

Eric Phelps Spelled It Out In 2006

I think "an event" will take place before the race war begins. If I was the Jesuit General my entire White fascist infrastructure must first be in place. It is Done! The millions of mortgage foreclosures will also drive the Whites into fascism who then can blame the Jews for the loss of their homes.

Secondly, the event must be enough to justify martial law and the movement of the formal capital from Washington DC to Denver. In killing two birds with one stone (as the Jesuit General in full control of the Empire's intelligence community), I would order the surgical detonations of mini-nukes at the capital and I would destroy the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, which statue is probably already laced with explosives from the days of its refurbishing in the 1980s via Knights of Malta Gerald Ford and Lee Iacocca. I would then use my CFR-controlled press to blame my CIA-directed "Al Qaeda" justifying an all-out war against Iraq and Iran---both Shia Moslem nations whose Caliph is claimed to be both infallible and divine and is therefore a rival to the pope of Rome.

Thirdly, then I would ignite the race war using my Masonic leaders on all sides (Sharpton, NOI Farrakhan, CFR Jesse Jackson, KKK Grand Dragon, etc.) to incite hatred for each class of people. Whites are especially enraged over the last fifty years of Black-on-White and now Latin-on-White crime as well as the federal government's policies of Black Supremacy over Whites--affirmative action, welfare, etc. In this context, the Moslems having been brought into this Empire by the Jesuits can now begin to kill the six million Jews within the US and Canada. For the last 20 years, the pope's Roman Catholic Sicilian Mafia has been selling military arms to the Moslems of the Empire's major cities. They are merely waiting for the command from their Masonic, Islamic, Jesuit-ruled superiors.

It is this kind of scenario that will be the final nail in the coffin of once White Anglo Saxon Protestant and Baptist culture and limited constitutional government here in North America. At the end of this Crusade, we will then be invaded by the Sino-Soviet-Moslem coalition now being perfected.

This is why I advocate a return to Biblical nationalism which includes racial separation and the establishment of a new White Protestant and Baptist nation here in North America. Black Bible believers can do the same.

If is was the Black Pope, I would put McCain into office and then crash the economy, force the AMERO on the US. I would then detonate underground devices in the capital destroying the White House and other national monuments blaming it on Iran. Then I would suspend the Constitution, move the capital to Denver, attack Iran, move into Saudi Arabia and take the oil fields and refineries to fuel the American war machine. From there I would invade Israel amd occupy the new American Army base not complete.

The new president Barack Obama, who opposed the Iraq war, has said he wants to redeploy thousands of combat troops from the country to Afghanistan, where conditions have deteriorated and which he says is the prime front against Al-Qaeda.

I believe that the "election" will run its course. An October, 2008, detonation on US soil is premature. An October, 2009, detonation in DC makes more sense. Mecca and Medina could then "justifiably" be nuked as payback----when in fact the nuclear devices are most probably in place in Saudi Arabia at this moment. Full scale war would then ensue---as planned. All the Moslems brought into the US could then be activated to assault their Jewish, and Bible-believing targets. The Jesuits will be in command via Islamic Masonic leaders. After murdering their targets for a period of say two weeks, they then will be arrested and sent to the US concentration camps.

Washington is the prime target. I tend to believe that low level nuclear detonations must occur in the capital by no later than November 1. The window of time for the sun to be in the right harmonic relationship with the preset nuclear weapons closes at that latitude on or about November 1. We are now in the Fall here in the American Empire. Nukes detonated in North America transpired on July 16, 1945 and September 11, 2001. Notice the window for New York City was still open during the Summer (September 11), just prior to the beginning of Fall (September 21), remembering that the sun orbits around the earth (the earth is at rest), and the sun revolves in a North and South/North and South, etc., movement, i.e., in a corkscrew fashion. So as the sun is steadily moving south during its daily orbit around the earth (from June 21 through December 21, from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn), the sun is both moving into position and out of position relating to preset atomic devices on the ground---which, I would guess, are all plotted at NORTHCOM.

The War Games Are About To Begin

If you notice, the players are moving into position for the war games to begin. Russia has maneuvered bombers and some navy ships into and off the coast of Venezuela. Chavez is taking orders from Knight of Malta Juan Carlos as to how he (Chavez) is to proceed. Chavez had recently spoken with Putin in Russia---privately. Russia also has a large naval facility on the West African coast of Guinea. China has commercial shipping agreements with Senegal and Mauritania, immediately north of Guinea. Maybe the Sino-Moslem invasion will be from West Africa to Venezuela and then into the Caribbean, including Cuba and the Bahamas. If so, Puerto Rico must be taken out early in the game.

Before the US declares war on specific nations, there must be triggering events for which the US cannot be blamed---at least in appearance. One of those events must be the destruction of symbols of national sovereignty, i.e., the Capitol, Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, etc. Another triggering event may be the sinking of a US Aircraft carrier (sovereign US territory in International Law) in the Gulf, say the older carrier, USS Enterprise: Nimitz class carriers will be spared for use in the war. The targets that will be destroyed by the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community will not be a setback for the Order. The target (or targets) must be expendable, must will incite national furor, and must not interfere with the resultant "total war" economy necessary to wage a two or three-front war.

This is the course I would plot if I was the Jesuit Superior General. Due to his superior international intelligence apparatus on every continent, he and his assistants advised by 85 provincials will know best as to when and how they will coordinate certain events in order to arrive at their goals in view.

The Order's plan for using Communist China as our future invaders contiunes at full pace. Los Angeles is a key staging base for invasion thus no EMP nuke devices will be detonated there. Detriot is key city most likely to be detonated.

If I Was The Black Pope - Here Is How I Would Execute The Plan.

If I was the Black Pope wanting to destroy both the Moslem world (surrounding "my Jerusalem") and the "heretic and liberal" Western Civilization sending out its accursed "missionaries," I would do the following:

1. First I would cause a war to be decared by the West (US and Britain) against "terrorism" which has no end in sight. Thus I would cause 911 with my CIA and then blame my Masonic Islamic Terrorist Newwork built by my CIA and financed by my Rockefeller financed and developed oil bonanza---Saudi Arabia. Mission accomplished.

2. I would restore the flow of my heroin trade by removing the Taliban which I created with my CIA. I would then move into Iraq to remove my Masonic Inquisitor Saddam Hussein, allowing the US to capture one of his doubles. According to an Iraqi officer, Hussein loaded two tractor trailers of dollars and euros on to an American C-141, then drove his limo onto the plane after which it took off and disappeared into the skyline. Mission accomplished.

3. I would then begin the systematic destruction of as many Moslems and mosques as possible using roving CIA teams inciting hatred on both sides. I would cause outrages against the Moslems of the south, using American GIs raping Iraqi women, photographing the crime and then posting it on the internet further citing Moslem fury against the West. I would also spread disease via immunizations and radioactive toxins among the American GIs further weakening the American military in preparation for my Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of the West. Mission accomplished.

4. In preparation for my Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion I would use my scalar weapons involving weather modification, causing hurricanes in the American South, devastating select cities thereby weakening the West's will to resist. And with deliberate non-intervention and other injustices perpetrated by federal, state and local agencies, I would further sow the seeds for my race war between Whites and Blacks, while occupying the people with non-news (Jackson, Simpson, Bryant---Black on White crimes---and any other case (Scott Peterson, Stephanie Hollowood) that could be used to occupy the attention of the viewers). More hurricanes are in the making and the South will be further "softened" for my invasion from which Cuba, now occupied by the Chinese and hosted by Jesuit Fidel Castro, will be the staging base---with the full cooperation of the CIA and American Military Intelligence. Mission being accomplished.

5. Knowing that the American people will be beginning to denounce the war and even concluding that 911 was an inside job (never believing that my Director of Central Intelligence, Knight of Malta and CFR member George J. Tenet oversaw the crime), I would remove Tenet blaming him for the "incompetence" demonstrated in preventing the "attack." This will save face for my most obedient Skull and Bones servant, George W. Bush, whose father and grandfather served the Order most wonderfully. This will also save my Jesuit Georgetown-educated Tenet from future prosecution as I of course control the Attorney General, the Justice Department and the FBI. Mission accomplished.

6. In order to justify a war in Israel for the destruction of the Jerusalem mosques, I would used my Masonic Jewish anti-Torah Zionists to incite more hatred between Israel's Arabs and Jews, while depriving the Jews of their land given to them by God as recorded in Genesis and by British Mandate at the end of WWI. This will be my "Roadmap to War" policy shoved down the throats by the CFR-controlled devotee to the Archbishop of New York City, President George W. Bush. Now war in Israel is a certainty. In order to blame the US for the destruction of the Jerusalem mosques I would build a huge American Army base in Israel from which the Americans could operate during the coming war in Israel, American troops moving in from Iraq. Meanwhile at the moment I would increase US troops in Iraq through a coming catastrophic event and thus a mandatory draft. Mission About to be Accomplished.

7. In order to increase US troops in Iraq, which troops will then invade Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (as was told to me by an aged former Marine and suspected Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor), I would use my CIA controlling Military Intelligence to detonate five to ten dirty atomic bombs as the book Endrun (or Endgame written by two American Generals) so describes. This will strike at the very heart of the proud, profligate and fat Americans so as to incite the people to adopt a total war footing which my CFR trustees will fully implement. I would blame Iran for the detonations justifying the invasion of that nation; or, I can blame North Korea thereby beginning my war in the East in killing millions of Chinese as China will be aiding North Korea. In preparation for an American defeat, I have moved all American aircraft carriers out of the Pacific and into the Persian gulf. I have dispatched "boomers," or American nuclear subs, into the Pacific but only a few of us know that there is no such thing as Airborne Nuclear War. Yes, the subs are disarmed of any potential nuclear threat. When this becomes known, he who as the largest and most disciplined army will have the upperhand. This of curse will be my Chinese Communists commanded by Chinese Jesuits. Mission about to be accomplished.

8. With America fighting a two-front war which she cannot win, I will be in full control of the top military commanders in the field and in the intelligence services of BOTH SIDES through high-level Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta. This will insure America's defeat; any General that will not obey my commands in the name of patriotism will be eliminated as was American General George Patton and Russian General Andri Vlasov during my beloved WWII. Ah, our Order accomplished so much then "for the greater glory of God!"

9. After using China to sweep the Pacfic Rim of all "heretics and liberals" as I did during WWII with the Japanese Army, I will then attack Australia and New Zealand as those idiots have abandoned private gun ownership in the name of the goodness of man and the honesty of government! Those nations of White apostate Protestants are sitting ducks in the middle of the South Pacific with no relief possible from either British or US fleets. The shedding of the blood of the heretic, I love it!

10. With my beloved Chinese navy coupled with my Japanese Navy I will then sweep the Pacfic, attack Hawaii and eliminate all but a few of the native Oriential Hawaiians. They hate Americans and will help my invading Chinese and Soviet navy. At the same time I will be bringing in hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Soviet troops through the underground tunnel linking Russia and Alaska running all the way to Washington State. By the time my mongol forces reach the Coast of California with LA in flames, my attackers will be arriving in the North killing as many heretic Canadian Protestants in British Columbia and Alberta. We will not touch Roman Catholic Quebec as she will be under the protection of the invading Roman Catholic European forces along with Roman Catholic New England.

The Jesuit Superior General's scenario will unfold along these lines. The next event will be a terrorist event involving preplaced dirty bombs here in the US. Biologicals may also be used as the CIA has spent years in developing these toxins. The movie The Satan Bug produced over thirty years ago is somewhat of a forewarning to the event. A two-fromt war will ensue; our armies will destroy the mosques of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem with the secret aid of the Black Pope's Islamic Terrorist Network; our troops will be betrayed and massacred as were three German armies by Hitler in the East; then will come the end with our invasion, partition and occupation for at least fifty to one hundred years if the Lord Jesus tarries.

The Future Of America & It's War On Terror

1. - Barry Davis Obama will be inaugurated. Obama will not be assassinated at this time.

2. - We will have a horrible and massive, CIA/Al qaeda terrorist event. We believe the cities to be attacked will be, at least, Washington, D.C., Detroit/Windsor and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. We read on page 51 from Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror, by Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and Maj. Gen. Paul Valley, with an introduction by Knight of Malta Oliver North:

"We can only suppose, therefore, that if terrorists were to strike us again they would want to strike a truly devastating blow. Our nightmare--- made more nightmarish because it is so plausible---is that the next strike would consist of the simultaneous detonation of multiple nuclear weapons in many major cities in the United States such as New York, Washington, Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans and Miami."

3. - The terrorist event will ultimately result in:

The suspension of the Constitution.

Martial Law.

Formally moving of the capital to Denver.

The unification of American and Canadian militaries.

The death of hundreds of Jews in south Florida known as "The Gold Coast".

The arrival of European troops for "peace keeping".

The Department of Homeland Security exercising full Marital Law powers aided by Blackwater Worldwide.

The opening of concentration camps for enemies of "the State".

Gangland warfare against the American peoples.

Sealing the borders, ending emigration and implementing "shoot on site" policies.

Retaliation against the Shia muslims of Iran now surrounded by the American Army and Navy.

4. - With America's mulatto, Sunni Islamic, President-Elect Barry Davis (alias "Barack Hussien Obama") advised by the white, Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic, Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden, Whites and Blacks will be united to fight the Pope's crusade against Shia Iraq, Shia Iran and Shia Southern Lebanon.

5. - Infrastructure will continue to be built in Baghdad and Dubai for the revival of the ancient kingdom of Babylon. The revived kingdom of Babylon will be presently known as the new Sunni Islamic caliphate. This explains the present Sunni and Wahhabi alliance with Edward Cardinal Egan's CFR-controlled government directing the Pope's "Holy Roman" 14th Amendment, Corporate Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire.

5. - When the Shia of Iran and Iraq are sufficiently mass-murdered by the Sunni/Wahhabi Islamo-fascists in alliance with the Jesuit directed, "liberal" Roman Catholic, apostate "heretic" Protestant, apostate "heretic" Baptist, apostate Evangelical, American Military Alliance, then the Sunni world will be united and pitted against the Peoples of the West.

6. - The means of aligning all Sunni Muslim nations, along with surviving Shia peoples, will be the destruction of Mecca, Medina and the two Mosques on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The U.S. will be blamed for this inside job executed by high-level, Islamic Freemasons serving the Black Pope's unified International Intelligence Community. That International Intelligence Community includes the British MI5/MI6, the American CIA/FBI/NSA, the German BND, the Russian FSB/SVR, the Israeli Mossad, the Pakistani ISI, the Chinese SIS, Interpol, etc. This International Intelligence Community is, in fact, the Pope's revived, International Holy Office of the Inquisition.

7. - The means of destroying these Mosques will be by surgical weapons there on site waiting to be detonated at the predetermined time. We believe Mecca and Medina will destroyed by Electro-Magnetic pulse devices (on site suitcase nukes, since there is no such thing as airborne nuclear war)

8. - The destruction of these three foremost Islamic Mosques will be carried out by Sunni Islamic Freemasons serving Rome's CIA-controlled Islamic International Intelligence Community. Just as 9/11 was an inside job carried out by a Pope's unified American Intelligence Community so will this destruction be an inside job to be carried out by the Rome's unified Islamic International Intelligence Community.

9. - Toward the end of this Papal Crusade (presently called "the War on Terror"), the usefulness of the racially-united White/Black/Latino American Military will be exhausted and defeated, having been convertly betrayed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Unable to return home from the Middle-East to defend North America, the American armies will be surrounded and annihilated in a huge genocide carried out by a united Muslim world led by the Pope's Freemasonic Islamic military leaders. (This is exactly what Jesuit-advised Napoleon did to his Grand Armee in Russia in 1812; this is exactly what Jesuit-advised Hitler did to his Protestant Prussian armies on the eastern front from 1942 to 1945; and, this is exactly what the coming American Military Dictator will do to American military forces toward the end of this Crusade.)

10. - Plotted by the Jesuits for nearly 150 years, at this time the American Empire will experience it's second civil war with a complete and total social breakdown. This social breakdown will include a fratricidal race war shutting down the commerce and food distribution of every major city. Disease and death will be rampant. Decreed quarantines will result in the establishment of massive ghettos within every major city, the expenses for which have been covered by the Bailout Bill. After the ghettoization of millions of American citizens and aliens, the Department of Homeland Security will transport them to huge death camps now in existence throughout North America. The people specially targeted for these transports will be Bible believing Protestants, Bible believing Baptists and the racial/religious Jews.

11. - With the Suni/Wahhabi Islamic nations now united, China will provide the shipping/transportation to move hundreds of millions of Muslims to attack North America. The Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion will ensue, the Empire will be conquered and divided among the victors.

12. - The Pope's revived, Roman Catholic, Holy Roman Empire will be the new protector of Israel---the Black Pope's revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Events To Come

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