Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome To Pigs In The Parlor..

Previously known as Fight Tyranny

Most of my posts were created and written in the early months of 2008, I had simply saved all the posts from Fight-Tyranny and placed them here in their new home.

Why did I choose "Pigs In The Parlor" for a name on a blog centering on the NWO, Illuminati etc?

Because Pigs are a great way to describe the people running the world right now............Filthy, Greedy Swine. You wouldn't allow a dirty pig into your parlor right? or the cleanest room in your house? I know I wouldn't.

So why allow them to control your life, take away your freedoms and generally treat you like a slave whilst leaving their dirty footprints over everything?

This blog is about presenting information leaving the viewer to make up their own mind, You will find NO censoring here so comment away, just please bear in mind I do censor personal attacks and extreme foul language. Other than that, you are welcome to debate, argue or disagree.

Just keep it clean ok? Thank you.

PITP YouTube Channel

PS: Please give me time to fix broken links that direct you to the old website.

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No Censorship here, just keep it clean please! thank you.