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Does The Bible Reveal The Name Of The Anti Christ?

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary 1116
Strong's Hebrew Dictionary 1299

One of the most bizarre things in the bizarro world of Barack Hussein Obama has shown up commemorating his 100 days in office from a New York artist who wants to know in emails, "What is your truth?" as related by Drew Zahn of World Net Daily.

As you can see from the artwork it is Obama as the messiah, wearing his crown of thorns, parting the veil if the "temple" with and odd pleased expression on his face for someone mimicking what Jesus the Christ actually endured for all mankind in being beaten and bruised for our healing, and dying and laying down His life, and being empowered to take His life up again so that all believers would live with Him too.

What immediately caught my eye in this photo is something which is an exclusive here, along with another exclusive of something no one else has found.

I will reveal the second part first so no peaking at the end please.

Look at the words the artwork is displaying. Literally it is:

AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT

That will mean little to anyone who does not have a Latin background in studies, but in checking the Notre Dame site translator in what caught my attention in AL is a Middle Eastern Indo European term as in Ba AL or ALlah for the moon god which Muslims transformed into calling God.

The Al or El prefix or suffix is all through English in the first kings of the Britons in Ethelwulfe to Albert.

It definitely means a god.

So what does this god OF THE ESIDENT mean?

In Latin there is no word for Esident, but if one takes the root word of SIDUS as the "e" as in E Pluribus Unum, meaning, we have e sidus dent.
Sidus means, STAR, so the word ESIDENT means, the STAR we See.

Combining this the phrase in English so far reads, God of the Star we See.

This then combines with of the UN ED STAT.

In Latin, UN means "not" or "none", it does not exist or is fragmenting.

The ED prefix means to "put out, declare, perform" in various Latin words from edo, edico, edoceo.

STAT is the meaning "res publica" or the public of a nation state.

Combining the entire phrase in this painting honoring Barack Hussein Obama, translates the Latin English phrase of:

AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT

to literally mean

The god of the star we see of the performing the fragmentation of the nation.

Now for the first part which jumped out immediately to my God Inspired gaze in connecting the dots.

What I immediately beheld was the sacred geometry of Obama's backers in the infamous pentagram symbol which is part of the one dimensional power symbols these people put up of the Three Dimensional Tree of Life or Metatron's Cube handed down by one of the principality demons. Source


A Pyramid

I saw on the Internet what appeared to be a geometric shape on Obama's head sometime ago but thought perhaps the photo was doctored. Until I saw it again in the Time Magazine, Feb 2, 2009 commemorative issue. See it for yourself.

Pentagram? Or Baphomet?

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P.B. Waite said...

To start from back to front: The final star you show is the inverted pentagram; this is a reversal of the stars you've discovered upon Obama - the upright pentagram represents creation, whereas its inversion represents destruction. The upright pentagram is (subtly) used in a lot of christian architecture, art and engraving.

The star you discovered in the painting is out of proportion, and therefore would not be useable in magical work; you have created an abortion and mockery of white magic.

Also, to say that "Metatron's cube handed down by one of the principality demons" is calling Metatron a demon; whereas Metatron is the Logos! THE voice of GOD! - and, again, Metatron's cube is a shape of proportional exactitude; the star you've discovered is not.

I'm open to any idea of conspiracy, or even tie-ins to prophecy.. However you are obstructing 'true prophecy' by banging your triangular theories through the 'round hole' of reality..

Please spend at least a year or 2 doing some intensive 'occult'/'pagan'/sacred geometry studies, before misleading the flock of Christ with ill informed wiki-facts.

Btw, does Alcohol mean God-booze? does Algebra mean God of bra? does Algae mean God of gae?


(also, the final 'star in the hair' image; to me it looks more like a turtle - thus proving that the universe is sat atop a giant turtle that's swimming through space.)

Anonymous said...

...and finally.. Baraq - flash of lightning & Bama - on high... sew - baraq bama = flash of lightning from on high? is he lucifer or jesus?

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