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Well, well , well. A lot of us missed this one. Very tiny news that CNN, ABC and other gov run networks didn't run

(AGI) - L'Aquila, 10 Jul. -

A two state solution, a renewal of peace talks and the support of a National Palestinian authority: These are the three pillars of the G8's plan to resolvecontinued conflict in the Middle East. "In hopes of global peace between Israel and all its neighbours," the draft declaration reads, "the leaders renew their full support of a two state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict and urge the parties to renew direct negotiations", and to "fulfil the commitments contained in the roadmap". The G8 also presented a commitment to "fully back" the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) "once peace accords have been reached", with "the creation of an ambitious global plan" for the development of infrastructure and economic activity. -Source

G8 Middle East - Full Support To 2 State Solution

(ANSAmed) - L'AQUILA - The G8 countries, confirming that ''a just, lasting and global peace in the Middle East remains crucial for the international community'', renewed their full support to the ''2-state solution'' which would allow the State of Israel to ''live in peace and safety'' and create ''a Palestinian State, in which the Palestinian people can make their own decisions''. This is the most important part of the political statement issued by the G8 regarding the Middle East approved last night. The G8 welcome the steps taken in that direction by the two parties in recent weeks and urge them to ''quickly resume direct negotiations on all open questions, in line with the Roadmap, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the Madrid principles. The G8 countries ask the two parties to fulfil their obligations included in the Roadmap ''including the clear rejection of violence, terrorism and instigation to terrorism and a complete freeze on settlement activities (construction of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, editor's note) including their 'natural growth'.'' They also urge Arab states to start normalising their relations with Israel and to give political and economic support to the Palestinian Authority, underlining the need to restore Palestinian unity based on the principles laid down by the Quartet. In addition, the G8 have asked for the immediate release of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and the immediate opening of access points to allow humanitarian aid, goods and people to go to and from Gaza while respecting Israel's safety.(ANSAmed). Source

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