Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fear Mongering Swine Flu Already In UK Schools & Doctors Surgery

Updating This Post Today - The Same School Is Now Sending Out more Letters Stating A Child Has Swine Flu

Today we as parents were all given a letter to state that "a parent had recently come into contact with Swine Flu, and has had treatment" even though it was only SUSPECTED!

"H1N1 is a family of viruses, dozens of viruses. So the national media is stating all these numbers of cases of the disease when there is no verifiable method for specifically identifying the disease. The cases are being diagnosed by symptoms. This is precisely what happened with the nonexistent Avian flu of 4 years ago. If we're diagnosing by symptoms only, then any case of any flu can be counted. And that's exactly what is happening here."

They also stated they have no need to close the school nor worry, and children were free to carry on as usual. This to me, is a load of crap. I don't believe it is true, and between you and me, at school when things like this happen the gossip is everywhere within half a day.

Yet surprisingly no-one heard a thing.

9th JulyTake a look at the letter here: click on the image for large size

15 July - School Letter Claiming Child Now Has Swine Flu - Word From Friends & Family Around The School Is Several Children & Parents Have Flu That's Not Being Reported

My local doctors surgery has declared this "Swine Flu" a Pandemic and has now equipped the surgery with boxes of tissues everywhere as well as alcohol based gel for cleaning your hands. They also have "Get your flu vaccines here" signs posted everywhere.

See The Picture Here: Click To Enlarge.

Coughs, Colds & Sneezes Spread Diseases - According To The Surgery

More to come later. I shall be taking photos around different surgeries tomorrow and stores.I want to see for myself how a small , no nothing town like mine is helping to spread this propaganda. So stay tuned.

How much longer will this ridiculous Hoax continue? Swine Flu is a genetically engineered virus, that is a FACT! . Read my other posts:

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