Thursday, 2 July 2009

"Mass Evacuation Bus" Cruising Down The Highway 29/06/09

While out on the road this morning I came upon a very peculiar vehicle. This "Mass Evacuation Bus" is obviously owned and operated by a local county E.M.S. department and was being relocated to an undisclosed location. An immediate phone call to a local Patriot informed me that this bus was, in fact, heading in the opposite direction of where this county asset is typically maintained and stored. Perhaps, the county was just taking her out for a spin to "clear out the cobwebs". Or, perhaps out on a training exercise over at the local "Emergency Containment Area" (creepy no windows)

"An ambulance bus is a mass casualty, mass evacuation, mass decontamination, or mass quarantine vehicle for transporting large numbers of patients from a mass casualty incident. A typical ambulance bus transports 20 to 24 patients on stretchers.

Ambulance buses are used as mass evacuation vehicles, to transport large numbers of stretchered patients[1]" "These mass evacuation buses are well suited to being used for quarantine and containment "[3]. [edit]
. Wiki

I've been saying it for the past 3 years now. America is going to be taken down , I am 100% certain we are going to have a Nuclear disaster or pandemic soon.

Emergency Containment Area

Several days ago I discovered this road sign had been erected overnight on a route I travel almost daily. It was placed at the entrance to a D.O.T. highway "rest area". Should this be considered as an indicator of potential martial law enforcement and travel restriction. Or, should it be considered as standard D.O.T. signage used to indicate some sort of designated contingency response area?

Has anyone else seen similar signs in their area? Or, does anyone with D.O.T. and/or emergency response experience have any insights to add?

The videos above were made and uploaded by the same person. Apparently the "Mass Evacuation Bus" is near to the "Emergency Containment Area"

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