Thursday, 16 July 2009

F16's Dropping Liquid Over Atlanta. Chemtrails?

I was simply waiting outside of the Cobb Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, GA in my car with my kids while my husband concluded a meeting he was attending. While sitting there, these f16 jets starting flying in circles over us, over and over again. There were several of them. I saw them release a cloud of liquid out of the tail end twice, and a third time after picking my husband up. I saw planes pas roughly 20 of them, at least within maybe 15-20 minute period of time. When we left the area, they were still going at it.

The sun was glaring that day and I was using a cheapie digital camera to video this, so I thought I didn't get one spraying, until I got home and saw on the footage that I did indeed catch one! It's tough to see, but it is definitely on the tape, so have a look at it. Seeing it in person, there was no doubt. TO this day it is a mystery...what on earth were they spraying in plain site over a crowded city? These were MUCH lower than your typical chemtrails, also.

Have a look, watch closely from 1:05-1:12. Watch it a couple times. You'll see the plane spray something right before flying behind a tree trunk..

New Chemtrail Technology?

Follow the forum thread where this member posted his/her video.

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