Saturday, 11 July 2009

Obama Speech "Yes We Can" ...Reversed .... "Thank You satan"

I have some great reverse speech software, so I am going to try it out this week.

What can I say about reverse speech or what most satanists call "Backmasking" ....I believe it to be the demonic subconscious of the person speaking, but in Christians there is a difference! holy words flow from their lips in reverse. So the Christian is speaking in the Holy Spirit and non Christians or satanists speech in the spirit of satan. If you don't understand what I am saying, watch the videos and all will become clear.

Watch Obama's Clip here then watch a christian pastors reverse speech

(Reverse speech analysis is not satanic, however those who practice backmasking are doing so in a satanic nature)

Obama Reversal of "yes we can" - The Crowd also chants this!

A Pastors Speech Reversal

Reverse speech is a covert level of communication that is automatically generated by the brain when we speak. It can be heard when human speech is recorded and played backward. It operates in unison with forward speech and it is complementary to it.

In other words, the content and context of the reversal relates to the forward speech. Speech reversals are communicated and understood at an unconscious level, but can be brought to the surface in a Reverse Speech session.

Come on guys post your comments and opinions on this! I want some feedback! even if those opinions don't match mine

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Anonymous said...

A spirit filled Christian friend of mine who also studies reverse speech and has the software did a study on the words "yes we can" and found no matter who said it, he, his wife, whoever, it all came back thank you satan.....
So I am not sure if we can really look at this situation or not. HOWEVER, it would seem highly likely that BO's camp would have KNOWN this and used those words KNOWING the chanting going out to darkside enfueling that realm even further.
Hope that makes sense ~


Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes and caused me to repent. I'm a backslider but I am a firm believer in the power of the tongue and prayer!

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