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Pope, Masonry & The Arch Of Freemasonry. Temporal & Spiritual Powers.

Want to know what all the weird Masonic, skull and bones, and other logos mean? well follow me :) - Click on "Read More" at the bottom to expand the entire post

Here's alot of masonic symbolism and the perhaps the true origin of the Papal Key symbol and its connection with the skull and crossbones symbol.

Like 95% of all symbolism is astronomical in origin, I see it from that angle because I believe thats the right angle to begin with.

Lets Begin In Ancient Egypt

This is how they typically buried their mummies, with the arms crossed:

The cross in its basic symbolism is the equinoctial cross. They had 12 steps in the mummification process, alluding to the 12 signs of the zodiac. We must understand how important the heaven and the sun's yearly cycle was to them, and how they transferred that knowledge of the "above" to explain the world "below".

First we need to know abit about some esoteric Freemasonry symbolism. Freemasonry - the Blue Lodge (first 3 degrees) - has 2 doctrines:

1. There is only one supreme nameless creator being, the "grand architecht of the universe"

2. The soul of the human being is immortal and survives the grave

This is clearly explained and layed out in 32nd degree Freemason, Robert H. Brown's book, "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" from 1882. For example, in a section explaining the Egyptian tau cross, p.215, he quotes it directly from a masonic lecture:

"The tau cross, is as has been shown, an ancient symbol of Egypt denoting salvation and eternal life. The triple tau, being a combination of the tau cross three times repeated, teaches us that "we have an immortal part within us that shall survive the grave, and which shall never, never, NEVER die"

This is the two ancient doctrines of the mystery schools. The population was to get the exoteric version with the superstitious gods, based on the heavenly bodies, and the initiated learned thru the degrees the esoteric version, that "there is only one supreme being", and the dieties are but the planets etc. And that "the soul is immortal."

In this tv-program about Freemasonry, we learn about the grip of the 3rd degree, a grip called the "Lion's Paw", at 12mins54secs:

It also shows the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, where the initiate will play Hiram Abiff (the sun) who's slain by three ruffians (October, November, December or Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius)

While he's buried, 12 masons go searching for him (the 12 months/zodiacs) and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus)

They then try to resurrect him 3 times (April/Gemini, May/Cancer, June/Leo).

They try with the two first grips (Gemini and Cancer) but only succeed the 3rd time, raising him from the dead to full upright position with the special grip, the "Lion's Paw" grip.

This is of course an allusion to the sun being finally restored to full glory at summer solstice, June 21st, the sun in the sign of Leo the Lion, the strongest sign whith its strenght finally resurrects the sun/Hiram Abiff, role-played by the initiate.

This shows alot about how much they care about the different stages of the sun, the yearly cycle. And the veneretaion of the sun's yearly revival. At winter he's dead. But then at vernal equinox he suddenly begins to show signs of life, he is resurrected from the dead, once again, the eternal life of the sun bringing eternal life to the world. Therefore the allusion to the immortality of the soul of man, as above so below.

The vernal equinox was the most venerated, thats when you could feel the suns revival and nature beginning to spring back to life. The sun had therefore passed from death to life.

On page 98 in Brown's book, we find this ancient drawing from a king's sarcophagus. It shows his initiation into the degrees of the Mystery School of Isis:

The initiate, the king, is playing Osiris, the sun. He's the one lying "dead" on the floor. Obviously what we see is Leo gripping him to raise him to life at summer solstice, with the "Lion's Paw". The lion getting the signal from Isis at left (what would be the Grand Master in Freemasonry's ritual)

Today at summer solstice the sun is in the sign Gemini, but Freemasonry hasnt changed its ancient ritual over the many thousands of years from Egypt to the present.

Actually, Brown shows that Freemasonry is built wholly on the particular Greek Mystery School of Bacchus (IHS) which was of course built on the Egyptian ones, like all the Mystery Schools. The Bacchus mystery school was continued as the Essenes cult, and Bacchus was the sun hero who's almost exactly like Jesus, turns water into wine etc.

What we will notice on the picture is the cross on the initiate playing Osiris. That is the cross that represents Osiris.
This cross is the equinox, "The Great Celestial Cross".

The Egyptians had different names for the sun in its different stages:

The sun was called "Atum" at dusk, "Osiris" at night, "Khepri" at dawn and "Re" at noon.

Osiris was the sun when it was DEAD. That is either at night or at winter. Therefore, Osiris became the judge of the Netherworld, and after you died and was buried, you'd have to face Osiris to be judged. He was infact the gatekeeper to the other realm, the realm of the dead.

So, the cross represents the equinox.

This was a very special time when the sun either came back to life, or passed away. Which is where we get the term "to pass away". Over the equator to the other realm. Or the Hebrew's "passover" at vernal equinox, celebrating spring and "springing to life" of the 12 tribes out of Egypt:

As described in the Book of Exodus, Passover marks the "birth" of the Children of Israel

1. The equinoxes are the points where the sun crosses over equator to the other realm. Either from death to life, or from life to death.

2. The equinox thus represents the gateway. It was also represented in the "Sun gate" or "Sun door", and when you pass through that door, you go to the "beyond", the realm of the spirits, the "heavens" etc.

That is, the two pillar's most ancient and basic function was to mark respectively summer and winter solstice, to secretly function as a calendar. When they built their suntemples - facing east - they first placed a spot on the floor. This is called the "blazing star" in Freemasonry, and is found in the chequered floor of their temples, a pentagram. They would stand on the spot, the "blazing star", and at summer solstice the would mark a place for the one pillar/obelisk outside the temple exactly in line with the rising sun, then do the same at exactly winter solstice.

Notice the "blazing star"

This means, whenever:

The sun rises in line with the north-east pillar = its the day of summer solstice. And the south-east pillar = winter solstice.

Thats why, as As Brown explains, still to this day, the masonic laying of the cornerstone is a sacred ritual, and it must for this reason be the north-east cornerstone layed first, for summer solstice.

Laying the north-east cornerstone of the new building: A new nation

Also, they would place mosaic chequered patterns on the floor of the temples to make it easier to measure the shadow and thus the time of the year.

The Royal Arch of Freemasonry - The Pillars

Come on we have all seen it right? These two pillars came to represent the "doorway of the sun". The "sun door".

"The Royal Arch of Freemasonry" : means the heavenly sphere from vernal to autumnal equinox. That is spring and summer, these seven signs of the zodiac in the part of the year where the sun is alive and brings life, fruit, light and happiness. From Taurus to Scorpio. Or, as the masonic tradition was further evolved a couple of thousands of years after the high epoch of Egypt, the sun had moved via the prescession of equinoxes, one sign. Which is also the astrological positions used today (altho it has moved one sign further the last 2000 years)

Therefore the Royal Arch is actually from Aries to Libra, and the strongest point, summer solstice, the "Keystone", is therefore Cancer, summer solstice at around 0AD.

The Keystone State

Notice how the moon is the one pillar and the sun the other which is how they often had it in Egypt according to ancient scriptures. They had different meanings for these solstice pillars, one of them of course Saturn (winter solstice) and the Sun (summer solstice) the two phallic archtypes.

These 3 points of the year, vernal equinox, summer solstice and autumnal equinox represented respectively beauty (spring, risen sun) strength (summer, strong live sun) and wisdom (old, wise sun) Which is what they tell masons the three candles represent that is found in every masonic lodge around the altar:

It is of course these three points of the year from the Royal Arch.

This arch-doorway on the two solstice pillars represents the "sun door of immortality", the door to the beyond to the other realm and you'll always see the keystone as a speciel stone. Like the Arch of Triumph in Paris:

This arch, "sun door", is also in the intersection of 12 roads for the 12 zodiacal signs:

When the sun rises exactly in the middle of this sun door, that means its equinox. The special point where the sun is "crucified" and passing over equator to the other realm. Therefore they used to put the winged sun where they now put the keystone, alluding to the sun passing over. Again, notice the 12 zodiacal zones:

And here we have the Pope passing through what the Vatican call the "Holy Door", to mark the so-called "Holy Year":

Very holy indeed? No, just the same ol' sun door to the other realm

It is the "Sun Door of Immortality", the eternal life of the sun. And when you go through it you go to the beyond. The beyond is eternity. The afterlife.

In Egypt, Osiris was the judge you would face before entering the afterlife, he was the gatekeeper. Thats why he is represented with the cross. Its the cross of the equinox. The place where the sun/you will pass over.

The symbol itself "X" clearly shows a line/path passing over a border, the apparant path of the sun passing over earths equator to the beyond.

The "X" is the doorway to and a symbol of the afterlife, and we can now understand why they typically layed the arms in a cross on the mummy to be buried. Some say that Freemasons sometimes do this aswell when their brethen are buried.

Osiris' symbol is therefore the cross, "X" the symbol of the afterlife. They called it the Netherworld, where the sun enters at winter or at night when dead. And the symbol of the gatekeeper of the Netherworld.

He is the supreme judge and gatekeeper. The pharaoh would often represent Osiris because he had the ultimate authority, the "keys to heaven and hell". Nobody would thus go to the Netherworld without going through pharoah. Just like "nobody" will go to heaven without going thru the Pope. This is a perverse twisting of what Our Lord Jesus Christ Said:

"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

All the dead are raised and set before the judgment seat of Christ!

Here's Osiris, lord of judgement, forming his equinoctail "X" with his arms, the doorway to the beyond:


Again, the equinoctial cross of Osiris:

At the door:

And now we have a better understanding of the symbol of the skull and crossbones:

So the pharaoh would perform/show the cross of Osiris because he had the spiritual power of the gods:

BUT - notice the two different rods: An emperors rod and a shepherds rod.
The emperors rod is pharaoh's TEMPORAL POWER.The shepherd's rod is his SPIRITUAL POWER.

Because we are the sheeple and he is our shephard, the ancient symbolism. "Pastor" even means "shepherd".

Now we can collect the pieces of the Papal keys. The silver one is the temporal power of the earth, the golden one the spiritual power of heaven.

It is simply the same old solar concept, the keys to heaven and hell symbolised in the "Great Celestial Cross", the equinoctial cross, the gateway to the beyond that the Pope claims to keep. He holds the power of Osiris, the gatekeeper of the beyond. No-one will go to heaven unless they go thru the Cardinals (from latin "cardo", "hinges") and the Pope (door) who holds the keys. The so-called "keys of St. Peter".

And they have chosen to put the mitre on top of the cross in the Papal Keys insignia. This is where I would argue that its not a pure coincidence of resemblance to the skull and crossbones symbol!
Especially not if the Jesuits used to fly these flags on their Black Ships in the 1600's and use them when initiating a priest into the 4th vow.

We can take it a step further here. Because, like I showed above, the Royal Arch was the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, shown there with the sun and moon respectively. But that has changed. They have at some point replaced them with the globes of the earth and the heavens with the zodiacal belt:

Why? Isnt this the Pope's temporal and spiritual power?

As we know, these two pillars represent the summer and winter solstices. And the middle is the equinoxes, the "beyond", the "X-factor" you might say. The sun will rise in the middle at both equinoxes, two times a year. Two "X"s.

Is this also symbolised in the compass and square logo which crosses over?

Why do they cross on both sides. Is it the two equinoxes, the "beyond" between the two pillars (the "sun door")?

Solomons temple is also a masonic allusion to the sun's temple. And that is heaven. Thats why the temple was started being built at vernal equinox and ended at autumnal equinox and overall completely symbolises the universe in every way, according to the biblical description.

The masons call "the beyond" the "great celestial lodge". Heaven.

So here we have Solomons celestial temple represented between the pillars, as the equinoxes, the two crosses/gateways to the beyond from the compass and square:

We even have the vesica yoni first, another symbol for the gateway between the realms, with the masonic sculpture of the "weeping virgin" inside (aswell as the enerative principle below)

The Pope (or rather the Jesuits) want to rule from the rebuilt Solomons temple - his "church" - in Jerusalem. But Solomons temple is also a symbol of heaven ("the sun's temple") which means the Pope wants symbolically to be GOD in heaven ruling from Israel!

Here is a fascinating Freemason scupture. This is in Eilat, ISRAEL:

Notice how its purposely built upon a rock

The two powers of the Pope, temporal and spiritual, earthly and heavenly, the two pillars of power that the Vatican is resting upon.

The pyramid with the eye. The New World Order? Solomons temple, the sun's/Pope's temple of heaven?

The proportions of the inside of the Great Pyramid (Kings Chamber) is infact the same proportions of the precisely described parts of the biblical Solomons temple!

1:2 proportions (double cube), the numbers 1-7 represented, Pythagoras incorporated etc.

Matthew 16:18
and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it

Israeli supreme court, Jerusalem

Malcolm X?

In time, all the advanced scientific knowledge was concentrated and held within these mystery schools where priests and rulers were chosen from. Infact, if you wanted to learn any advanced practice like architecture or mathematics, you had to become initated in the degrees of some mystery school and learn about the universe. The "degrees" harnested all the intellegensia for themselves. They didnt have open universities for any ol' sheeple, like today.

The sun moves one degree pr. day, they said, and it doesnt move for 3 days at winter solstice which gives 362 degrees in the full yearly cycle. For the sake of the use of mathematics, a circle was given 360 degrees, the circle of the universe.

So today, we go to universe city - university - and get a degree. And upon graduation become a luminary - a planet. Saturn to be exact, the wise ELite. (EL = Saturn)

From the Osiris School of Egypt where Pythagoras went to become initiated, to the Bacchus IHS of Greece and to Rome's Sol Invictus, the Mithras version, where Constantine was the high-priest, representing Mithras on earth. But only the initiates could learn the "mysteries" of the Mithras religion. That he was the sun.

And this is actually an interesting mystery school in connection with the equinox symbolism.
Mithras was an aggressive god, slaying the bull (the age of Taurus) upon birth from the primordial rock/egg (mushroom/phoenix birth stage)

So the soldiers of the army of the Roman Empire practiced this mystery school with great joy and devotion whereever they went, it became a military mystery school, or "religion" as these Mysteries are called, where Constantine was the high-priest. It became outlawed to practice the Mithras mysteries when Christianity was made the empire's official religion. Much to the regret of the soldiers. The army leaders would initiate soldiers into the mysteries in 3 degrees at first, it was their religion at the time.

Here's the ruins of a Mithras mystery school temple some Roman army division built alongside Hadrians Wall across Britain from the 3rd century, I think it was:

Here's a reconstruction in some British museum: Notice the two torch-bearers. Those torch-bearers was part of Mithras symbolism, one torch pointing up, another down.

Notice here the sun and moon over the torch-bearers. Any connection to the two pillars supporting the "Royal Arch" of heaven? And more importantly, why are their legs always crossed?

Its the equinoxes of course. The one with the torch pointing up is vernal, the downwards is autumnal. The gateways between the realms, life and death.

Which is laid out here in this drawing of another temple, if one understands the astronomical key to these Mystery symbols:

Right side is winter and autumn: Death realm of the sun.

Left side is spring and summer: Life realm of the sun, a.k.a. the Royal Arch.

With the two gateways between the realms, the two equinoxes. The legs crossed.

Life realm gateway and Death realm gateway:

The cross is the equinox and 322 is March 22nd as we know, spring equinox.

I noticed something when speculating over the symbolism. Thinking freely here, if you take the two solstice pillars and put the two equinox crosses in between, in hieroglyphs, you get this symbol:


The two X's form the up/downward male/female symbol when you put them together.

Or like the Catholic "Auspice Maria" symbol: IXXI

You also get two Roman numerals with the hieroglyphical 2 solstices and equinoxes:


Here's a Masonic emblem from "London Lodge no. 78"

Again with "Solomons temple" in place of the "gateway" between the pillars. Of course, they always had two obelisks outside the Egyptian sun-temples.

Twin towers of WTC was obviously the two pillars. The heavenly one (spiritual) with the antenna maybe? They both went down. But what about Solomons temple? Well, what was the name of WTC7? Salomon Bros. building.

With regard to the Masonic "G"

The very symbol for the letter "G" can suggest an interesting thing. Gnosis ("knowledge") That is, the wise serpent of gnosis, like the Christian gnostics believed. That the serpent from the Tree of Knowledge (gnosis) IS Jesus - (which of course is untrue)

The Egyptians had their Uraues, it was a symbol for the Eye of Horus. The "standing" cobra placed in the forehead for the Eye of Knowledge:

Here's the point: In our alphabet (of course, has to be the "original" Roman font) the small letter 'g' IS a "standing" cobra, Uraeus?

Is the Masonic "G" also a serpent?

I believe its for God, Geometry and of course Generative principle in any case. Here, its clearly shown also for Generative principle, not just the "root of 2" geometry, but in many other ways:

Also, maybe they thought the compass represents the male, the "designer" of the new life, and the square is the female, the "builder", who builds the child.

About the vatican symbol:

This is the Lemegeton of Bael. This ancient symbol (with others) was utilised into the practices for the evocation of demons. And the oldest demon is Baal.

From ancient Greek γοητεία (goēteia) means "witchcraft, jugglery"from γόης "sorceror, wizard".

The symbols of Goetia practices are intended to influence the mind (brain) and stimulate a corresponding effect upon the subconscious mind. It's incredible how frequently we look at a symbol so powerful and we don't know what it really means! To soon, dott. Tsushima.

Goetia< Solomon Spirits

Maybe another layer of the symbolism, a more "New Age" kinda thinking rather than popish authority I'd suspect. That is, the Generative principle, the two complimenting polarities united.

Temporal/spiritual: Male/female, micro-/macrocosm, intellect/spirit, sun/moon, fire/water, up/down etc.

Which is, in this line of thinking, exactly what 'leads' to the "beyond"/"heaven". By for example "death journey", spiritual death/rebirth, sex, crown chakra enlightenment, the "Holy Spirit" and so on.

Also represented by the hexagram/masonic logo/the equinox winged serpent sun/caduceus/Venus-Lucifer or indeed Jesus. Or of course the male/female-united hermaphroditic 'holy grail' mushroom, like the shamans used to take to visit the spirits and forefathers in the "beyond" and "train for death", see Pharmacratic Inquisition.

This here looks like the basic astrotheological 'Osirian judge/gatekeeper' authority symbolism:

The Judges. If you wanna 'pass on' to the next round, you must pass these three gatekeepers.

Also, the two phallics and the Venus in the middle. The 'Great Celestial Cross' is about 25 degrees, so this is how the Papal keys should 'properly' look:

The Chancellor's emblem is the Isabella Cross, with Skull and Crossbones; it is worn on a black over white ribbon. The Cross is self-explanatory, while the Skull and Crossed Bones are symbolic of man's mortality. The Chancellor wears a black robe trimmed with white and a white cincture with silver fringe. He also wears a black mantle with white roll collar.


George Bush at Mass in Washington's, Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle with Bishop, Francisco González I believe. Notice Bush Crossing His Arms?

The Hexagram

Remember that this is also the twin phallic pillars of Boaz and Jachin but as triangles all linked to the Generative Principle. Boaz is the Male triangle (Up) whilst Jachin is the Female triangle (Down) in this case. Please remember that these pillars also symbolise Saturn/Venus, Horus/Set. Now do some homework on the Mesenti People of Africa later known as the Mesinu closely connected to Irish Druids and of course later Egypt. Remember Akhenaton's father was a Negroe and his mother was African.

It should be noted also that these pillars also symbolise Hermes and Aphrodite, creating the divine Hermaphrodite. Yes theres black faces all over the place and remember that Akhenaton was the one who was behind much of this defacing of monuments and texts.

Also the point was the triangles are there just to show the pillars in the hexagram, Air, fire = Male ----Earth, water = Female

I = Tower 1/Boaz
I = Tower 2/Jachin
XX = Salomon Bros. Building/Solomons temple


Whats interesting about the divine Hermaphrodite is that it's made up of Hermes and Ahprodite which in Sumer were known as ENKI and INANNA. Remember ENKI is supposedly the creator of the Adamic race and of great knowledge. Now remember how ENKI sent Earth and Water to help free INANNA from the Underworld? Theres your female Earth and Water symbols forming Venus. Note that INANNA is the Daughter of NANNA which is the Moon God, where we get the word nan or nanny from for grandparent. Remember how the Arabs and Islam are linked to the Moon and Venus.

What I will say is that people need to understand Mars more and notice how it's alchemy symbol for Iron is of Male also. Note how Venus has an alchemy symbol for Copper and is of female also. Now which Venus is made out of Copper? Yes Queen Semarisis known as 'The Statue of Liberty.' Now lets remember that Copper has an atomic number os 29 and is known as Cuprum, symbolised as Cu. Now Iron has an atomic number of 26 and is known as Ferrum, it's symbolised as Fe. Mars is known as red planet and the colour red is for Mars. We also known that Horus is symbolised by the red going back to the Mesenti people of Africa, whilst Set is blue, being the Moon. This is linked into the Hyskos bloodlines of Egypt where by Akhenaton is linked to, they follow the red and were known as the red men. So are these bloodlines linked to the Planet Mars originally? The only thing I couldn't understand about Star Wars the film was why Joseph Campbell chose to give Darth Vader a red light saber and yet Luke skywalker a blue saber? Seems reversed symbolism there as Darth was Set and should have had blue whilst Luke was Horus and should have been red. I thought that was very strange indeed. Please note that Eleven is the 5th smallest prime number.

Whats interesting is if we add up 26 with 29 from the atomic numbers of Copper and Iron we then get 55. This World is supposed to be the Fifth. Grab a phone you have and notice a dot impression on the 5th key. You have five senses. A five is written as a V in Roman Numberals one again linking to Venus which is also symbolised by the 5 pointed star. Venus is also the Root of 5 coming from the Root of two, the Square. It gets more interesting when we realise that in Quaternary, five means 11 whilst in Binary its 101. Also linking into the let E from the English and Cyrillic alphabets. There five vowels in the alphabet. Five is the holy number of Discordianism. Five is an atomic number for Boron. Remember how Psalms and the Torah are five books. Remember how the Islamics pray to NANNA five times daily? They also have five pillars and use protective five finger Khamsa's. Remember. Notice how the Olympics has five interlocking rings. Theres five Venusian oceans in this World. The Order of the Rosy cross love roses and they have five petals. The 5th smallest prime number is eleven. The Hierophant is the fifth card of the Divination art, the Tarot. Finally of course, 55 is divisable by the 11 or ele-ven of Saturn and Venus, again the twin phallic pillars of Jachin and Boaz. What comes around, goes around.


The symbol of the X and the P is the Chi Rho or Cairo which means MARS!

A little history of the origins of the Moon & Venus

it's interesting when we get into this subject of the satellite Moon and Planet Venus. The Moon God, Nanna was the daughter of Enlil and Ningal. She was the granddaugther of ENKI and Ningikurga. She had three brothers called utu also known as Nergal. Then there was Ninazu and Ningiszida. Nanna has a large beard and this seems to be where the Moslems get their beard fascination from. The number thirty was associated with Nanna and remember how the Lunar calendar was made up of mo(o)nths with thirty day periods.


The Royal Arch

The Doors Of Durin

It's funny (and perhaps fitting)- Tolkien (lord of the rings) wrote his book two hundred years later than this masonic royal arch tracing board.... and quite obviously tolkiens is the OLDER of the two..

In the Middle earth mythos the doors to moria were magical doors that were made by the Elves to apper as a plain carving on the mountain face. Inhabited by the dwarves this underground kingdom was initialy an Elven outpost of king Durin from the very first days of man during the wars against melkor (the first fallen angel).

The door is to Moria..

The welsh word for door is -drws- and seems to be connected to the original high gaelic ogham word for druid. Leading on from that the word for water is -dwr- the only difference is one letter... and that carries with it a whole load of connations.....

here's just one.....

The High elves and wood elves of middle earth are so similar in ambience and resonance (at least in my mind) to the ancient priesthoods of pre-diluvian times that it seems to me tolkien was showing us something very interesting- namely that the true essence of ritual and symbology of ascensional masonry came from the --true-- aria/arya , the green men , the shamans , bards and monument builders. Also he seems to show that this knowledge and practise was pushed through the jewish mystery schools and that their sacred tree came from somewhere in particular

Papal Keys - Temporal & Spiritual Power.

The Papal keys representing Janus and Cybele! The Papal Keys of Spiritual Power and TEMPORAL POWER. The Pope rules the World under his Temporal Power which has been enforced by the Society of Jesus since 1534. In earlier times the Jesuits did most of it direct with poisonings (Cup of Borja/Cantarella) etc of Monarchs, Prime Ministers etc. Eventually they utilised their Loyal Maltese Knights after subordinating them in 1798. Now the Jesuit is well far from the action utilising their Loyal Knights who themselves stay clean by using their Intelligensia. If that Satanic Pentagram is for real from those key positions then this is another signal of the Pontifus Maximus yet again we see. Remember the Pope is modern representation of Nimrod the original 666 Beast God. The Anti-Christos of the 888 Jesus Christ. An upside down Pentagram symbolises the masculine energy within the feminine Circle of the Goddess Circe. Also itself linked with the masculine via the Rings of El. The upper half is the Feminine area which would contain the air (36) and Horus. The lower half is the masculine area of death and the underworld of Osiris. Study the Church of Rome's worship of Baal known as Jupiter. The same God supposedly who created the Goddess Baratanna known in Rome as Minerva. Funny isn't it how the Society of Jesus is also known as the Brotherhood of Death. The same death which Baal is in charge of! The same Society of Jesus which controlled the Nazi SS (Brotherhood of Death) and the today Skull & Bones [Russell Trust] (Brotherhood of Death). The same Skull & Bones where they ritually kiss the slipper of the Pontifus Maximus Pope. Don't forget how the Skull and Bones design itself is symbolism of Baal, the planet Jupiter.

Now for the U.S President and company to be at the funeral of Pope John Paul II this proves our point perfectly and not one can debunk it. This just would not happen otherwise. No it is not because we are more forgiving than in times of old. Also look to the official concordat with the Pope by Maltese Knight/Confederate Ronald Reagan in 1983. Reagan was also controlled by the Mafiosi itself controlled by the Vatican and it's Archbishops.

As for the Pope at the Kosel with his Yalmulke on his head. Well first of all who created the State of Israel sitting over Canaan? It was the Pope and his Maltese Knights back in May 14, 1947. Who controls the United Nations? Why it's the Pope who has sat there in his own thrown over his Temporal Power enforcer for World Governance (Temporal Power). So what is the Yalmulke exactly? Why its symbolism of the Saturn God, El. The same God that ruled over Canaan/Pheonicia which IsraEL sits upon. We see the Pope kiss his Quran and control Islam, a creation of the Papacy and highly exposed by Prof. Walter J. Veith and Alberto Rivera who himself was eliminated for his truths. So because the Pope gives a prayer of atonement to the Kosel he's controlled by the Hofjuden Frankists? Please! The Pope kisses and prays to all his belongings, when you see him doing this you know he rules it.

The Pope controls the Chief Rabbi of Rome for Godsake! The Pope controls Jerusalem including this Temple Mount area. He has controlled this area since 1993 in reality via the Oslo Accords. Who was behind this? Non other than Hofjuden, Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit trained Shimon Peres himself. So the Pope visits his land and his wall and his Hofjudens in 2001. In the land of Satan or should I say El where his soon Spiritual Capital to be will be positioned. Whilst his Financial capital will be down in Dubai and his Political capital will be down in Iraq in Babylon. As the destruction of England and New York are completed in those Heretic Protestant Nations. Notice how the Pope gives a veil that he was asking for forgiveness for his Babylonian persecution of the Jews. Yes because now he's completely got what he wants, he will do this, he's happy. He has Islam back in his pocket and the Hofjuden Frankists.

The Pope is the TEMPORAL POWER of the Earth but eventually he will be gone. Who controls Israel exactly from a lower organisational point of view? Why it's the U.S Council on Foreign Relations. Israel has been nothing more than a 51st state of the U.S since it's creation in 1947. This is why it's Cliveden Set, Round Table group the CFR controls it. Tell me one place on Earth which uses the same Round table with such a distance between them? None! They all have their own. So from one far end of the West we have the same Round Table of Cliveden Set controlling one over the East? Sounds very Janus to me, that Roman two-faced God controlling both West and East! The same Janus which is linked to being a Moon of Saturn (El). Who is Saturn exactly? A planet taken for Satan/EL/BEAST/666/NIMROD/PONTIFUS MAXIMUS. Who is the Pontifus Maximus today? Why it's the Pope, the continuation of the Caesar and Nimrod of Babylon.

So tell me why the Pope has power over Jerusalem? Tell me why Shimon Peres that Hofjuden would do such a thing? Tell me why Jesuit trained Peres ELiminates any opposition to the Vatican? Not one of these Jew-baiters have ever answered this question. Why? Because in order to answer it they have to accept the Pope is the Temporal Power of Earth. By the way, why does the Maltese Knights have permanent observer status in the United Nations? Because they bleeding help create the United Nations.

Israel was merely a creation by the Papacy to get a region where they could have some control within the Middle East. Such as positioning of many nuclear devices under Western Roman control. They could do this whilst veiling it as Jews of course. Not letting people know about Sabbatean Frankist Hofjuden Talmudists of course. Only making out that Jews rule it, whilst forgetting decent Torah Judiacs and the chosen race bloodlines. Can't have you delving into that can we as thats Biblical and we have to turn everyone Athiest or against Biblical Scriptures. They have to remove the King James AV1611 Bible asap which is based on Biblical, Textus Receptus. Instead pass out false Bibles. This happened mostly since the end of the 19th Century due to Fenton John Anthony Hort & Brooke Foss Westcott!

Now Israel has played it's part for a period of time, the time has come now for the Vatican to destroy Israel. This is exactly their goal and this is why people see much change in Israel right now. Many blame Masons for the change but ignore that the Jesuit General commands all high-level Freemasonry at the omega point of that structure. The same people ignore the Oslo Accord of 1993. They ignore how the whole Middle East is controlled higher up than the Cliveden Set within the Maltese Knights. They ignore how King Juan Carlos of Spain is a Maltese Navigator in charge of the whole of the Middle East. Commanding Eastern Arabs such as Fetulah Gulen the most powerful arab in the World. The same Gulen's who are controlled by the Maltese Knights and Jesuit Order whilst it's veiled through inter-religous dialogue. Juan Carlos controls through the Grand Lodge of Egypt (Dar-ul Hikmat) and the Grand Lodge of Turkey which is in the Imperial City of Constantinople named after Constantine. It is now known as Istanbul.

Dave Hunt - One World Religion

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