Thursday, 9 July 2009

Knights Of Malta Initiation.

See Alexandr Cach get initiated into the Maltese Knights. The very Knights who control the military, pharmaceutical, corporate, education & politics. Known as 'The Greatest Merchants on Earth.' The thieves of the Knights Templar lands and wealth including Aventine Hill which holds their headquarters the vessel of the merchants.

The Maltese Knights controlled by Grandmaster Matthew Festing. Himself controlled by the Pope of the Vatican. The Pope himself controlled by the Society of Jesus, Superior General, Adolfo Nicolas. This is the power structure of World control by man which most call truthfully the conspiracy.

David Rockefeller is a Maltese Knight subordinate to the Archbishop of NY, so is Larry Silverstein, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and Henry Kissinger. Theres just a few examples along with the Rothschild's who're Maltese Knights subordinate to the local Navigator. Mere Vizors to the Queen within England who herself is a Navigator for the phony Protestant division.

Never forget the power of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Never forget it's use of the Hofjuden Court Jew who "Has No KING but CAESAR." All controlled by the Anti-Christos system veiled as the Papacy. Soon to become veiled further when they destroy Rome and move to their Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. To be called something else, just as they did from Caesar to Pope. When they bring about the new one World religion created by their Synthetic Society. Here the Pope of today will be universally worshipped.

Lets not forget SMOM Navigator, King Don Juan Carlos of Spain who controls the whole Middle East. Spain as Rome's command center for the Middle East hosting the King of Jerusalem, Carlos. The head of the Order of the Golden Fleece and member within the Order of the Secret (Garter). He uses his Grand Lodge's of Cairo (Chi-Rho) and Istanbul to control this region.

Please note that Alexandr Cach's, boyfriend being, Antonio D. Brown.

For more on the SMOM

A video on Papacy Control Of the religions.

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