Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New 14 July Crop Circle - Warning Of Cyclone? Hurricane? El Nino?

A new Crop Circle has been photographed today. 14 July


A meteorological sign used in the United States to indicate hurricane or tornado. Signs like these have been used in meteorology to denote winds of varying strengths. The strength of the wind is indicated by the number of short, perpendicular lines according to a simple code

For more symbols and their meaning go - Here

Hurrican Katrina Sculpture

Symbol Depicting A Cyclone from the Tropical Cyclone Climatology website

Look at the weave

Now Look At The Direction Of Surface Current Magnitudes. Click On To Enlarge

Map Source of SCM

Hurricane, Cyclone , El Nino coming? we shall see.

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Anonymous said...


Even crop circles have been corporatized :/


Pilottage said...

it is genuine - circlemakers are too dumb to weave such a pattern, it is not man made - circlemakers used to be paid by mi5 mi6 and CIA to desinform and to reassure the skeptics in their own right to deny a sacred geometry reality.

You are driven by fear and ignorance.

It is genuine and represant a vibrant spotless blank sun the longest we have had since 98 years as of Sept 14 2009

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