Friday, 17 July 2009

Swine Flu UK - More Fear Mongering In The Schools.

In my previous post on the swine flu fear mongering in the UK. I have recently been informed that someone in Wales has had many of the same letters at the exact same time from the school telling the parents that there have been cases of swine flu.

Read the previous post to see the letters we were given within days of each other.

Here is what they said , matching exactly what I was given and told by the school in my area just before the 6 week summer holidays (term ending) 

From A Source In Wales.......

I first learned yesterday 16 july 09 when my children finished school for the holidays here in Wales UK and upon leaving for the holidays they were given papers stating that there were four swine flu cases in the school the previous week before them leaving for the summer holidays . why wasn't the parents told a week earlier that our children were at risk from contracting swine flu and why did they leave it until the last day of school to tell us and the children including my own that there was a possiblity that they may have this disease. we all know that councils and local goverment authority are stupid but we the parents never though that the local government would play with our childrens lives in this way . anyone else here in the UK only found out that their children had been put at risk .

I believe that the schools in the UK are all sending out false information and letters , not only that but WHY are they leaving these letters of urgency to the last damn minute!!!!!

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