Thursday, 25 June 2009

More From Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind

I am going to be re-posting as much of Rik Clay's work as I possibly can.

Surrounding the suspicious circumstances of his death is this forum entry - please read!

Rik Clay's ashes were scattered on Sept 11 2008

People who has been previously re- posting archives of "The Cosmic Mind" website had taken them down on being notified of his death, and have left the forums they were on and have refused to discuss this topic any furthur.

So please read this Forum Entry I can tell you right now it's a page turner and will have you on the edge of your seat.

Those who have taken down Rik's work from their websites claiming they are scared is exactly what the elite want. I for one still cling to TRUTH. If Rik was wrong in his predictions and information , who cares! We need ALL information in order to make our own conclusions!

Rik Clay disappeared from his regular forums, took his website down and his parents claimed he was "Emotionally Exhausted" , weeks went by, Shill's pretending to be Rik Clay frequented the David Icke forums and facebook to claim Rik didn't want to carry on his work.

Everything connected to Rik's work was removed and a few weeks later Rik Clay was found dead, apparently from suicide.

The Forum thread above will take you through the last few weeks.

All of Rik Clays posts I could get my hands on are posted below :)

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Anonymous said...

I would like to get in touch with close friends of Rik..can anyone point me towards any..names etc?

Anonymous said...

wow thank u for posting

Anonymous said...

Rik Clay was an amazing guy, what he found out, what he believed in. I believe everything he said. Theres something more out there than what we are being told. Great Guy! R.I.P mate ill never forget you :D

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