Thursday, 25 June 2009

Emergency Containment Area?

A lot is going on presently with the Ardent Sentry drills

What does this all mean? well... we don't know for sure, but it is worth throwing this out there for all to see and discuss. The operation Blackjack farce could well be indicative of future events, it might not be, but follow the signs and follow the money :)

As for this "Emergency Containment Area" could be a legit reason . Alert Map Should tell us what is going on in the area of South Carolina (Between North and South state lines)

Always check the Map!

Emergency Containment Area

"Several days ago I discovered this road sign had been erected overnight on a route I travel almost daily. It was placed at the entrance to a D.O.T. highway "rest area". Should this be considered as an indicator of potential martial law enforcement and travel restriction. Or, should it be considered as standard D.O.T. signage used to indicate some sort of designated contingency response area?

Has anyone else seen similar signs in their area? Or, does anyone with D.O.T. and/or emergency response experience have any insights to add?"

June 19th - I-5 Southbound Los Angeles (Valano72)

Bunker Report - Discussing the above video

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