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The Eye In Starbucks - Rik Clay - Cosmic Mind

Originally Posted By Rik Clay May 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later. On a recent trip to London, searching for some more fuel for the fire, Starbucks decided to spill their secrets.

There has been many an internet article documenting Starbucks' use of the 'siren' or mermaid with two tails for its logo - but as always, they all miss the point!

Ignoring the fact that the 'siren' is in fact 'Isis', a deity of the Egyptian creation legend (to be covered shortly...), let's start with the three stars which seemingly form a pyramid...

Simply joining the 3 stars creates a pyramid, minus the capstone of course, but in its place - a crown. The "All Seeing Eye" exists centre piece as a star - much like the star you might put on your Christmas tree.

The symbolism used here is much like that on the "British Coat Of Arms" which I covered some months back. A pyramid topped with a crown.

As noted in my post about "The Number 11" a Google search into the etymology of the word "crown" establishes it was derived from the Anglo-French word "coroune" in the year 1111.

"1111, from Anglo-Fr. coroune, from O.Fr. corone, from L. corona "crown""

As always, the crown symbolises 11:11.

11:11 x 11:11 = 1234321 = A pyramid.

Ever wondered why Starbucks is called just that? A true English translation would be "Starmoney", which is essentially "Money for the stars".

Where do you think the £3 some pay for an overpriced coffee (that will also aid in their slow demise) goes? Potentially funding some "star" project maybe?

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