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UFO's Are Not Alien - Einsteins Unified Theory!

Something to think about?

UFOs operate by using Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The Government put it into practice with the USS Eldridge. (Philadelphia Experiment) They have perfected it ever since 1943.

No Military over time has completely abandoned a project such as the Philadelphia experiment, even if it did not work to their satisfaction. A high stake project is continued.

UFO's like the USS Eldridge can disappear from sight, use invisibility (Cloaking) , they can merge, as if by magic, as if supernaturally.

Only two specific metals work with these Unified or Magnetic Fields (according to UFO relics) Aluminium + Silver Area 51 is over one of these Unified/Magnetic fields, as is A.U.T.E.C and The Dugway Proving Ground in UTAH - Area 52

Is DULCE base and Denver Airport one of these places too?

Aluminium and Silver Particles have been seen in samples taken from Chemtrails as well as seen being dispersed from UFO's by witnesses. Watch UFO Hunters Episode UFO Relics which deals with these metallic particles.

Explains why UFO's always navigate or are attracted to Military Bases, Nuclear Facilities and Water. UFO's are Government owned and operated.

This explains the Bermuda Triangle & Dragons Triangle in Japan, where ships and aircraft over many years have experienced missing time, electrical interference, vortexes and some have disappeared.

The Dugway Proving Ground in Utah (Area 52) has Missing Time attributed to the area!

Explains the testing of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 60's? , sightings of UFO's, Men In Black and Mothman. Dimensional Beings (Demonic Forces) are able to travel through dimensions/ vortexes due to government testing of these Unified Fields?

Explains why UFO"s can morph, change, and can take advantage of Anti Gravity and defy the laws of physics. Explains why UFO's are attracted to Vortexes , Lasers, Magnetic Fields, Electricity, Nuclear Facilities?

Did the Philadelphia Experiment give way and open up demonic realms? and dimensions?

Explains to some degree Stonehenge , The Egyptian Pyramids etc, the ancients KNEW about magnetic / vortex fields but were not advanced enough to fully utilize it?

Explains why Dowsing Rods are able to move towards energy in these ancient places! and not in other dormant places.

Explains Crop Circles? made by balls of energy/magnetic energy

Are the Government now using these fields to their advantage.? They are more than happy for you to believe in Aliens as it keeps the real truth hidden.

Abductees speak of missing time, wrist watches stop, Vehicle electrics fail, Radiation Poisoning, etc all consistent with vortexes and fields?

From M K Jessup's Book The Case For UFO's

"Another example might be the passage of a limited but powerful magnetic field through a
scattering of iron filings or iron powder. Before the approach of the magnetic flux, the powder lies loose, flexible, and penetrable. Yet, when the flux enters it, invisibly and imperceptibly to the senses of man, this docile powder become rigid, tenacious, coherent, and at least semisolid. Do the space dwellers have a force which produces this temporary rigidity In the air, or even possibly in the gravitation field itself? Or do they create "local" concentrations of the gravitational field as we are able to do with the magnetic field? REVERSE MAG. FORCE? (Do Chemtrails which spread metallic particles help this? -PITP)

If such a force island were formed in the upper atmosphere, it might be very possible for it to have many of the physical characteristics of a solid body, and yet in matters of illumination it could behave exactly as any other auroral phenomena. In this connection we must remember that auroral phenomena are magnetic and may be caused by streams of electrons from the sun which are, in effect, precisely the type of force beam upon which we are speculating."

"Speculating further on this weird possibility, remember that oxygen is a magnetic substance. It is not, perhaps, paramagnetic like iron, manganese and nickel, but nevertheless sufficiently magnetic that it can be separated from the other constituents of air by means of a magnetic field."

The Case For UFO's - Full Book PDF

The Expanding Case for the UFO- 2nd Book PDF

M K Jessup was murdered in 1959 and was visited by the notorious Men In Black.

UFO Secret Evidence an amazing eye opening documentary!

UFO Hunters Episodes

If you watch UFO Hunters on the History channel all of the above becomes clear by piecing information from each show together. (they don't insinuate this theory) - I did but maybe I am wrong! or maybe that is why the show was canceled? it got too close to the TRUTH?

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